Base Complexity over 100%


I have a living glass farm that pumps out 40 LG an hour, which was at 98% complexity until today when put down a race track, putting my complexity up to 108%. Has anyone else pushed the limit before?


No. My bases max out and that’s it.

Maybe the % values for the racetrack are incorrect vs the actual points each construction item uses allowing you to exceed 100%.
Maybe the racetrack is excluded from the points restriction allowing you to go beyond max with that particular item?



Race tracks can put you over 100%. It’s a new bug since 1.3
Don’t leave it like that or you’re base will get really laggy and possibly crash. Save and log out at your base and it could corrupt your save file.


Aw geeze. I’m scared to load my game now.


It loaded up fine, but I went ahead and took your advice and deleted the track. I’ve lost a save before, and I’m not about lose this one. Thanks for the advice broh.