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Travellers start your exo-engines. Share your racetracks here.


Construction in progress…


Next Phase…Laying the track down today and will share…


Well the game crashes [PC] at the same place [location] of my planned cross-country rally racetrack, both when creating the track [placing the stage gates] and even when I tried to just drive the route as per the video below…

Pity as I really like the route, will have to shorten it …

And this is the remaining section, picking up from where the game crashed…


The terrain is great for a race track! Some nice work done already, liking the additional directions given. Too bad not everything will pop into existence when inside the exocraft. An even bigger shame this latest update is riddled with crashes, seemingly for no reason. Hope to see you being able to get the most out of your race, … at some point.


Yeah was quite disappointed. I will take a video from where it crashed through the remaining part of the track that hugs the lake edge, goes past my base complex and back to start/finish.


This is the remaining part of the proposed route, picking up from where the game crashed - the beachfront/round the lake shore section, past my Base complex and back to the Start/Finish line…


Now all we need are some turtle shells… :laughing:


And banana peels…:banana:


INVINCIBLE!!! Get out the way!!


Race Track v2 on my home planet

After the crashes and not being able to complete laying my original racetrack, I setup a new base far away from the original area and managed to lay down a race track including through some cave tunnels.

Will post vids and location shortly

Base uploaded to Steam and Named: fun fun on the autobahn [racetrack]


Love the stands! Now, if you can just rig up a couple of giant monitors…oh and a couple of concession stands…hot dogs, popcorn…nothing fancy. :grin:


Gek Nip! Gek Nip! Getcha fresh Gek Nip!


Fun Fun on the Autobahn is ready for racing [see location at bottom of this post - the portal is on a neighbouring planet]:
(Built on PC - Steam - had to redo the track a few times to get the cave tunnel sections right)

Video of my first race run through - took a few wrong turns in the cave tunnels…

Day-time Run:

Night-time Run:

Although it is more fun to compute, you can still have fun fun fun on the autobahn! :slight_smile: