Base Building Parts - Scaling, Rotation, and any new glitches

Had that exact same problem.
Seems to glitch if you leave the POWER part of the build menu.
Halfway through retrofitting a base, I needed more supplies. When I returned, the connector function wouldn’t work.
Didn’t try reloading the area by leaving or reloading but simply deleted and restarted my project.
Good to know that works :+1:


Maybe just me.

I hadn’t done much new building until BEYOND. What I’m noticing occurs when I’m deleting a building part. Sometimes neighboring parts also disappear.

For example. This tray used to contain four plants. I focused on just one of them and it turned kind of reddish. When I deleted it, I also lost the other three plants, tray, wall behind and wall on the left.

In this case I was focused on the bottom ramp and deleted it. Also deleted were the other three ramps (one of which I was standing on) and the doorway.

Anyone with similar happenings? Was this occurring before BEYOND?


I’ve had similar happen too. It was a pain trying to power my base when deleting wires would sometimes also delete the thing they were connected to. Some parts are specifically setup to delete smaller attachments (like deleting a planter should also remove the plants), but since Beyond I’ve definitely seen it bug out and delete way too much.


I have certainly been experiencing the same. Wiring up my lights in the early stages of Beyond turned out a pain at times. Every time I removed a wire, it would remove the light as well. I have started to notice this deletion happening some time during NEXT updates (I think). Prior to some specific update, deletion had mostly been making sense, but has since started to introduce more and more issues, especially since Beyond.

When it comes to the ramps, it may have actually been the update I am referring to. At some point HG decided to remove all attached ramps and door attached, to likely prevent ‘creative’ building at angles. If I recall correctly, it would no longer let us attach a door to a ramp either anymore. Ever since, deleting a ramp or door, will delete all attached ramps and doors as well. It more or less killed our ‘trick’ to build at angles.

Speaking of these ramps, an update some time ago reduced the amount of angle for ramps as well. I was re-building some doors with ramps attached, and could no longer achieve the same steep angle it had before. I was forced to reload a save, to make the ramp meet the floor again. It would be higher up, causing my character to no longer be able to ‘normally’ walk up, having to jump a bit instead.


This issue is especially frustrating when glitch building…


Same happening with me but only recently. Spent a while rescaling items for room decor, deleted one slightly misaligned peice and everything in the room went with it :see_no_evil:



That was helpful! I even learned something --about parts that don’t disturb the terrain. :heart:


Good stuff guys. I don’t think I’ve had the part delete bug happen to me yet.

Anyone here on PC that’s tried or been using the Blender plugin for their base building endeavors?


I have been messing with the Blender plugin. Any specific reason you ask?


That is awesome!

I do wish HG would get rid of the Ghosting of the parts. It is the thing that strains my eyes. I wonder if anyone actually finds this feature helpful?

Cool video.


Agree, the blue placement outline is not needed and can actually block your view. All I need is the red and green indicators.


A perfect circle, huh? Takes me back… :grin: