Atlas Tarot Deck (Custom Creation)

Wanted to share this awesome creation by Twitter user RagBell :link: with you here.


Only a couple more days left, with currently about $3,800 pledged (tier 3).


I don’t know what to make of this. I think Tarot is a load of… misunderstandings. However, when looking at how the cards are used within the scope of hypnosis, they can be used as a tool for control.

I am heavily against the idea that there is some kind of divine power or any sort of woo woo within any deck of cards. People really want to believe in magic, and these beliefs can lead to some very dangerous outcomes if nefarious groups use these control methods towards people who want answers for things that have no answers.

That being said, they can be used for good too, and sometimes people need to believe in magic to get past the stresses that are keeping them from reaching their full potentials.

Would these Tarot Cards somehoe lead into something like the Cassette Tapes had done in Waking Titan? Or are they completely independent and has nothing to do with anything other than a display of love and artwork?

They can, predominantly, just be used to play Games? It’s primarily a deck of playing cards, I don’t think there’s much more background here. They made a deck of Poker Cards, now they’re making a deck of Tarot cards…

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Other than approval to create this, Hello Games are not involved in any way. I’d think most are merely interested in the “display of love and artwork”, which may have been part reason for making it a Tarot deck, allowing for additional cards.


Wow, what an exciting project and I almost missed it! But not quite - I just discovered it and am now backing. I love the looks of the artwork and the idea of incorporating it into a tarot deck.

About that…

Yesterday I was continuing to sort through TravelEcho’s uncommon room studio and found this underneath a stack of stuff:

and I thought “That’s a fun idea. I’ll share it on ETARC tomorrow.”

And then, I swear, I had the thought “I wonder if anybody has considered creating an NMS themed tarot deck? That would be very cool.”

When I came to the forums today to catch up and post the above image, I found this thread. I should add that TravelEcho was intrigued by tarot and used them in the past for creative and self-reflective purposes. I cannot help but wonder… :thinking:


In case you ordered, make sure to check if you provided address details!


Package arrived today …

Been looking forward to receiving this!

Really pleased with it :heart_eyes:


This Mans Envy.

Can’t believe they’re finally real ;0;


Got mine, too! Also really pleased with it. :heart:


Tarot Deck going Digital