Atlas-65 Society of Archaeologists, Paleontologists and Salvagers




I like that description.






Happy New year from somewhere in space. I got lost in space for several weeks but have just now gathered together some of my trinkets for you all. Some of them thousands of years old!

The recent community salvage missions and my returning fleet expeditions produced some intriguing finds. I wonder if one day we will actually have 3D models to put on shelves at home. Some of the descriptions are a lot of fun. They range from ‘Undiscovered Worms’ to my favourite ‘Ancient Hoard of Moonstones’. There are lots of relics, fossils, and salvage and also rare items and things from Fleet missions.

I hope the writer of these descriptions is being showered with smiles as they’ve raised a few for me. I think some of them are really nicely written. Bring on even more HitchHiker’s Guide to The Galaxy humour please! :slight_smile:

Nice title for the thread, that’s new! Here you go all fifty… yikes O.O

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Nice to see you back again. The reply to your radio request was one of the most memorable things this board has produced. “Now, a request from Johnny Cloud, in space. What is he on?” Loved it.


Aw thanks! Haha I was probably on those ‘Fumeplum Sprouts’ I found! Which reminds me I must send you some as I know you like your ‘Astounding Sprouts’ too lol


Impressive list. :+1: I am fairly certain I have some of those foresaken receipts in my purse…impulse buying…feels good until the next day. :grin:


Some great finds in there.

“fine hairs cannot disguise the fact that this is a widespread weed.” :joy:


Think I shall start a lucrative space antiques business, or maybe challenge Han for the top smuggler ‘lovable rogue’ spot! Some more new curiosities and their intriguing, amusing anecdotes (at least to me!) from the community ‘Treasure Hunt’ , Frigate Trades and other things.

I’m really excited to read some of these descriptions as my imagination runs wild and me thinks maybe in an update all these little anecdotes could become full blown missions or complete adventures perhaps one day. Some of the descriptions I think are a lot of fun. It would be cool to be a fly on the wall on some of them. *dreams on…


2.89 mil has got to be a new record!


Toot toot! Really? Wow. Haha I bought a frigate with that.
Crazy game lol. I love it. :slight_smile:

Some new ones to read:


Oldest excavated bones I have dug up to date.



If possible, could you let me know what your find was worth, so it can be added to the spreadsheet?

Edit: Added with question marks for now :wink:


Could you double check for the worth of below 2 finds? I have added them to the spreadsheet with question marks for now. Also found a few identical submissions, which I left out, assuming they were mistakenly posted.


Nice finds, sheet is up-to-date again, closing in on 300 :wink:


I can only imagine what purpose there would be for a medical axe. At least this one is colorful! :slight_smile:


it looks bad doctor, better get the axe. :crazy_face: