Armourer looping on Dagger (possible spoilers)

Doing the Armourer quests. Gone well so far. But when I hand them the dagger and he jabs himself, the next talk window loops back to him asking for a dagger.

Not only that but the junkie took a dagger from my inventory AND a dagger from my ship!

I had multiplayer turned on. @Malveka and I were grouped. Since the Vy’keen is very old I wonder if they thought that they had to have another loop around because there were two of us. (Mal hasn’t started the base quests yet.)

Tomorrow I will try the Vy’keen again with multiplayer turned off.

Wondering if anyone else has had a problem with this.


I did not have this issue in single-player.


I’m hoping that it was multiplayer that screwed it up. I’ll find out in a little while.

Well, to be fair, they did jab themselves in the arm with the daggers and keep asking for more over and over again. :laughing:

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Ok found a way to move on.

Turned off MP, handed them the daggers. They jabbed themselves and started the loop again. Had no more daggers so hit “decline” or something. They expressed great sorrow; I hit “Leave”.

When I talked to them again, this time the quest moved forward instead of repeating again, and I got the mission to kill the 8 Sentinels. Those showed up at my base at a rate of two at a time, and took them out with my very powerful mining beam. Mission Accompli!

So, basically its the talk tree that is bugged. Though when grouped with another player, it just kept on repeating and not moving forward.


You just had to stand your ground and stop feeding his monkey. :smile:


Sounds like you got swindled :joy: