Anyone had success with underground bases?


Wow it looks beautiful with your mods!


I finished it… It is definitely bugging out now. Maybe I went over the limit, maybe has to do with proximity of certain base elements… not sure. But some parts kind of disappeared, and certain details are only seen on the distance, but smooth out, when up-close. I went off the limit on some areas unknowingly, and some of that modification stayed, some went. In retrospect, I learnt very little, but had some good fun!


I like what you did there, certainly makes it look more natural. Looking forward to giving terrain editing a try myself once I moved to a new base. I will most likely try with a creative save first though. Below is a video I watched that shows how to easily build underground, but shows some strange effects as well. For example the surface changing when a part is build below. At the end he mentions that big terrain edits start to disappear. Not sure if later patches fixed this though. Did you have a similar experience?


Yes, I don’t know in what state people would encounter it if ever… When I shared it, it was looking very much as those screencaptures, but last time I loaded my save today, the “smoothing” of features was even worst. Lot’s of holes everywhere… Some parts are really holding up, but I think the “end of the tape” effect (of running out of terrain modifications stored, and the first edits being reset) really got to me.
Next nice planet I encounter I’m going for a figurative sculpt… Was thinking skull-island pirate groove kind of deal.
I play on normal, but highly cheated. Not totally free building, like creative, but very much immortal running on transdimensional infinite energy sources.


Thanks for all of your experimentation - answered a lot of questions for why my UG base kept filling in. Next question: do you find that deleting the parts over the 60 part limit will stop the terrain regen?


With updates that followed since I did my research on this, I often found regen to happen even sooner now (1.38). My own base I built after my initial research, has a small room underground for storage using about 30 cuboids and will start to regen as well. This may not happen directly with just a single reload/restart, making it appear to be fine. It will however eventually start to regen as well. I would say it is totally unreliable to build anything underground in the current version 1.38.

Edit: On a side note: Keep in mind that for players visiting your base, terrain edits do not show. Not sure how this affects base building underground, but something to keep in mind as well.


In my experience, any changes made with the terrain manipulator tool are permanent. “Snapping” structures together to remove terrain will eventually fill back in.

Although this was back in early 1.3


I found all terain manipulation deteriorates.
I had an elaborate sculpture on a Heridium node that slowly vanished until even the modified Heridium filled back in.
Have found excavating freighter boxes fills in sometimes if you go to get more resources halfway through the process.
No experience with structures but not surprised if it is the same. I no longer have a TM installed on my multitool.


I have a pretty big underground base and had no issues with it. Except for the bug that counts being underground inside the base radius as being outside, which makes the whole point of an underground base a bit moot. It’s still a nice garage for all my vehicles with a large access tunnel, I have all my containers down there and I can grow native plants.
The way I built it was by “digging down” with cylindrical rooms, then “digging out” a large cavern with square rooms (not cuboids) connected with corridors. After removing the rooms and corridors again I removed the “walls” (where the corridors connected the rooms) with some more square rooms, and I had ample space to fit my exocraft in there.
Never had any problems with resets, not even in the vehicle access tunnel which goes outside the base radius.
The only part where I needed the terrain manipulator was for the tunnel. Everything else I did by placing rooms.


That sounds ptetty cool!
Any chance of some pictures?


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