All My Ships and How I Like to Roleplay

Johnny Quasar, The Astronaut

Gek Rogers

Vy’Keen Jones

Korvax Smith

Eru, The Traveler

Squee, The Living Ship Operator, and His Faithful Companion, Archibald Tuttle

b9L7, The Construct

Turbo, The Starship Racer

The Planeteer

The Adversary

Johnny Quasar is a slight modification of Johnny Quest, an old cartoon, and a quasar is a type of star. Gek Rogers is from Buck Rogers. Vy’Keen Jones is supposed to be like Indiana Jones. Mr & Mrs Smith was a good action movie so I just stuck the name Smith after Korvax. Eru is the creator god of Tokien’s Middle-Earth. Squee is from the card game Magic The Gathering and Archibald Tuttle is from the movie Brazil. For “b9L7”, I picked letters or numbers that were inverted mirror images of each other. Turbo is a name that just sounds fast, I believe Turbo is the name for one of the Transformers. The Planeteer is like the Rocketeer and for all purposes, he is the main archetypal hero. The Adversary is the main bad guy of my No Man’s Sky universe. He’s all decked in black because he’s evil. He’s so evil, he’s pure evil. I wish we could have multiple freighters also as I would like him to have his own Dreadnought. However, I am more of an explorer so my freighter has the circular Star Trek front end. The hauler, fighter, and explorer are custom ships.