Adventures in Dunsink Observatory, Dublin

So I just got back from Dunsink!

The taxi man was this lovely old guy, he actually knew what an ARG was and had taken part in some escape the room activities on holidays before. He said one of the guys with them actually knew how to pick locks so they bruteforced through some of the rooms XD He even knocked a tenner off the fair for me! (was 65)

Don’t worry, that’s not my address on the receipt, noooor is that the destination. My pickup point was near my house, and I never set a destination on the taxi App so thats why that is :slight_smile:


I should have told him not to knock the tenner off the fare! It would have been 65! 65daysofstatic! 65quidontaxi!

We took the motorway because cutting direct through the city didn’t make sense, even though it would be quiet sunday traffic theres major route disruptions due to them extended/linking tram lines across the city centre.


That’s some serious dedication. I faked one in case you didn’t make it, but I didn’t want to steal your thunder.



Thats some sweet ass fakery :slight_smile: I faked one last night too just in case it was too late to take the trip out by the morning time. But I saw when I woke up some places were red and dublin was still white, so i hopped off the couch i passed out on and ordered a taxi first thing XD

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I don’t know if you were the 1st one there:

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Don’t you need to find the pattern in place, rather than bringing it with you?!

It’s with the pattern or an object of a similar shape at the location

I have found the object at the location. Not brought it. Coordinates were pretty accurate for the object, shaped as pattern a. Are you sure it is ok to bring printed pattern a, rather than finding one on the location?


Heck yeah, mission accomplished! :metal: And nice ink, by the way

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The instructions say “Subjects need to take a picture of each facility with a pattern-A symbol or a similarly shaped object
visible in the picture.”

It doesn’t say you have to find the symbol there. Only that there should be one in the picture.

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Yes, facility with picture or pattern. Not a hand or paper with pattern. Maybe I over complicate things or have lack of understanding due to translation though…

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It’s not very well worded, I admit. If they had put a comma in, it would have been clearer, as in:

“Subjects need to take a picture of each facility, with a pattern-A symbol or a similarly shaped object
visible in the picture.”

Congrats @toddumptious… Your photo was chosen :slight_smile:


Every penny spent, worth it. Tears of joy here! Thank you ETARC for making this an unforgettable summer!!!


You sir, are a boss.


Great pic and well deserved recognition @toddumptious :+1:


I was happy to load it for you. I think the “tatoo” made the difference in the choice of the pic :wink:


Thanks again so much man, really appreciate it! Uploaded them again myself once in, just to be sure :smiley: I owe ye a pint should you ever find yourself in Dublin.

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Dude you’re famous…good job!


Well Done!

All those who laughed at people who got NMS tattoos… What now? Is any of your pathetic body-parts one with the singularity? Uh? Is it?