Absolute Wow moment

warped into a new system - checked out the local bars and restaurants - found a moon designated ‘temporary moon’ - popped down for a looksee… been playing since day one and still getting those wow moments.

millions upon millions of bubbles rising from the surface - then I saw the structure loom into view and despite having a lack of takey off juice i dropped it on the spot - if I never get to leave this place i’ll die a happy kzzzztztz


I think these bubble planets are the prettiest of the weird planets. When going through my pics last time I was uploading off the PS4, I noticed that there were about 20 all taken on a pink hued bubble planet.
Definately the most pics I’ve taken in a single location.
If you get the coordinates, you may be able to pin down the portal address using the Pilgrim Star Plotter & maybe go back for visits.

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They are amazing and then there’s the music!

NMS never ceases to amaze!

you’ve been to some too :+1: - wonder how rare they are - I did get a home base icon flash up for a wee while but it quickly disappeared - if I can it’ll be my home

never tried to get coordinates - how’s that done on ps4?

When you place your signal booster looking for things, it has a long string coordinate number of your current location.
In the https://pahefu.github.io/pilgrimstarpath/ plotter there is an option to get glyphs. (2nd option target icon)
Type your long coordinates here and cross your fingers.

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Here is the address to the one I found. IT IS VERY FAR FROM THE HUB.
Because it is the only planet in the system, the address works anyway despite the warning. Its a striking black blue at night and amazing pinks & orange in daytime. Closest base 12hrs away.