Happy No Mans Sky Day

I know the 9th wasn’t the worldwide debut of the game but I do feel like today is very important as some people were able to own and play the game. As for me I didn’t get it till the month after and ever since that day I have loved the game and everything that’s in it as I am huge into scfi and this game toke over my mind and just gave me something that no other game as ever given me before and I think its that way for everyone here so with that in mind I would like to wish No Mans Sky a happy birthday and side note Waking titan from phase one to phase two to the 70 hour livestream of phase 3 has been a complete thrill and something this community really needed so cheers to 1.3 and the future as this game keeps growing more and more so please write in the comments your feelings about the game as well as your current location inside the game its been some year and to be honest its had good times and bad but I think this game was different from a lot of even AAA games so with that mind thank you Hello Games and thank you Alice and Smith for such a fun ARG and moments that I will never forget


Happy No Man’s Day!! (I like the sound of that :smile: )

The hype around launch day was insane. I waited until 2-4am for the game to release on psn just to play for like 30 minutes and then go to sleep. And of course the next day (proper august 9th) was 100% unproductive because my head was not even on Earth anymore. :stuck_out_tongue: Finally getting home at night and playing this game I waited for so long was simply great (and the first hours of it are stellar).

I’ll never forget you, not so friendly purple planet that I happened to start in.


I like the planet behind the other planet great picture

Happy NMS Day indeed!

I preordered and took a free day for the original release date, but as we all now that didn’t work out quite well.

I had some technical issues while launching the game so I cycled trough 2-3 planets before I got that far that it saved.
This was the first view:

It was really a beautiful planet, I’ve hoped for a winter planet for the start and my wish was fullfilled.

I immediately died because I shot a sentinel that scared me… And than I walked a lot. I always came right back to my ship to recharge my suit and save the game. I was soooo afraid of dying.
Slowly my radius of exploration increased and I finally found other save stations. I spent a lot of hours on that planet walking and exploring by foot because I was afraid of lifting of with my ship – I thought it will bring me directly into space, I didn’t knew you can just fly over the planet and land every time…


there was a ‘magic’ in that first hour hard to forget - wish I’d taken a screenie too :thinking:

yes happy no mans sky day

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Wow, awesome starting planet.

first screen shot I ever took in NMS just took off from my starter planet

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