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I guess it could be useful to have it to sort or filter discussions that are relevant to this specific update. Who knows what the game will look like after 1.3?


What i understood here is CSD categories… Am i right?
We could have :
—Ambassadors (to claim systems and planets)
—Xenozoologists (to complete each fauna and name it)

—Architechs (Pharaonic / Fun bases… or even cities if implemented :blush: )
—Circuit race

—Finders of rare elements
—Finders of starred terminals
Racers (if rewards are to be implemented :blush: )
—Bounty hunters

—War against… sentinels??


Lets just see what the update brings.
Also I think a lot of people enjoy changing roles (I know I do) so It will probably work better if every Citizen of the new “empire” does a bit of each of the topics you’ve listed. One of the cool parts is the freedom and chill out feel. To many rules or assigned roles and it will lose the relaxed feel.