97C-303N-5884-P Discussion

This mystery is yet to be solved

What we know:

  1. Dataset 97C was transferred from Vancouver to NY (pdf 2)
  2. There the package was received. This dataset mentions an error (Package). This location is base64 encoded. Decoded it refers to a location in NMS (013D:0078:0724:0056)
  3. The error was found on location (NMS com station)

The message:

This message was dropped by instance16status

In this message 97C might refer to the dataset, or possibly to a highway running in Vancouver (far fetched) or maby part of a decoding.
The meaning of the other parts is yet unknown. Seychellen broadcast might provide more information

Maybe it means looping the 16 stations has encountered an error, that code is the error code used to submit a ticket. Maybe asking the info@wakingtitan.com how do you submit an error code?

[Begin rampant speculation]

Maybe this is related to CERN and the detection of micro black holes. TRIUMF is in Vancouver (where the package was coming from) and has an ATLAS group (ATLAS Group | TRIUMF : Canada's particle accelerator centre), which is involved with CERN’s ATLAS detector (https://atlas.cern/). One of the projects at ATLAS is the detection of micro black holes (Gravity in the Next Dimension: Micro Black Holes at ATLAS – ParticleBites). Black holes only seeming interesting as they appear to be featured in No Man’s Sky, as the Atlas story path gives you the ability to detect black holes.

May be nothing, but could be that this dataset is referring to something coming from the collider, even if it’s not related to the black holes.

[End rampant speculation]