3xperimental issues

July 30
After today’s small update, my planet is all glitchy…thankfully a restart fixed it but I do not know for how long
Here is the glitchy in action…:scream:

also my sky keeps blinking out. It’s just like the glitches in the -kzzt- and it makes me -kzzzt-
I am running on an AMD Radeon Graphics card.


Yeah I am having some fairly hideous issues that I was not having before. This is me landing in a Space Station


fine in this direction

not so much in the other

Also my game crashes on exit since the last big patch.
This has been too terrifying…decided to take a break for the day. :scream:


so this only happens when I warp to a new system and then back again…guess I will stick close to home for a while.

You could try reapplying the patch. Maybe there were some slight hickups during installation.

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Have you tried clearing your shadercache folder? I don’t remember the exact name, but you should find it in your game folder.


shadercache folder contains too much stuff and I don’t know what I am looking at. :smile: However there are only a handful dated 7/30/2018 and that is the date this problem began…:scream:

Just delete everything in that folder, it will place all the files back in there on your next boot up, will take a little longer to load than usual the first time but after that should be grand and hopefully fixes all those little graphi cal hiccups Yr having


So says the guy who caused the Great Galactic Fissure…:rofl: Okay, I will give it a try. This is the first thing I have encountered that made the game unplayable…:sob:


2,512 items… :scream: :grimacing:

UPDATE: so the universe has resettled itself and everything is good so far…I am wondering, since the update had a fix for how AMD caches the shaders, perhaps emptying the shader cache folder would have been a good way to avoid this trauma.
Will update if any further issues arise.
Thanks everyone!