WT Precon007 update

so the first image has been replaced with an X its dumping data its starting

Wait. What is happening?

its dumping data and Myriad updated too, the first pic has been replaced

Do you have the link?

I am a kinda lost here

in the waking titan console type in precon007

yes its dumping data so this is what we were waiting to happen on the 18/19th once its finished dumping data we should get a link to a stream or answer to the glyphs


Hmm. And you know this… how?

Who are you, with your peculiar avatar image, and irregular posting history?

Planted actor character? Troll?

Something not genuine here.

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type loop16 in console


Thank you for the confirmation.

Planted actor character.

most yt know me ? ask Cobra, im mainly on the Steam forums as MS. Green Label


Don’t take it hard… He’s not layered the tinfoil appropriately… I recommend double layer this weekend.

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You know, for the longest time I thought that MS. Green Label and Virakotxa were the same person.

Well, what do you know???


Could someone perhaps explain this quaint phrase to the uninitiated, preferably in context?

A massive flow of data from Loop16…

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It took me my sweet time to get what you were referring to!
Nah, I’m a single face organism… Nothing to hide.

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