Working solution to farm living ships’ upgrades [Euclid]

Hi! The approach below allowed to collect all upgrades‘ types in needed amounts within hours of play.

Video of the process, made by reddit user Sarcoth.

  1. in Euclid go to the system:

  1. save and reload on space station, then exit and pulse for about 30 seconds in any direction.

If you meet a trader at this point - just stop, ignore and resume pulsing. On PC and PS4, when there were several players in the system, this increased chance of a trader spawn before first egg. I‘ve never saw traders, when was alone in the system.

  1. get first alien singing egg with upgrade and wait for 10 seconds (otherwise second egg may fail to spawn).

  2. pulse for another 10-15 seconds and get second alien egg with upgrade.

  3. return to space station and repeat save and reload and other steps until happy with results.

At the moment space encounters events are seemingly predefined by a system‘s seed and timer is reset each time with save&reload or warp out & warp in.

Upgrades’ classes are ‘fixed‘ for this system. For example neural modules are always of class c and grafted eyes are either a or s.

On experimental brach it is possible to evolve upgrades for nanites by clicking and holding on installed module.

At the moment all upgrades’ types are spawned in this system and it is possible to just get all of them in one place regardless of class and evolve to s class later.

Check out this video on how to evolve modules and respective cost.

Hope HG will release that evolving modules for nanites functionality to live patch soon.

Also posted on reddit.


@zeff013: I have changed the category to ‘NMS Beyond’.

Interesting test results for this upgrade mechanic. I am sure we’ll figure out all the details soon enough. I have personally been having some bad RNG when it comes to Space Egg spawns.


Many thanks!

Option to evolve seems to be available on the Public branch - but I haven’t tried it so I don’t know if it works.


It would hilarious, if on 2.31 live it would work free of charge, because that’s how it looks like on experimental:

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Right now Evolve (in Public) only installs the tech - doesn’t not increase the Class.

And when tech is installed, is there an option to evolve?


Not that I see.

Had not realized that the Upgrade Eggs only come in four varieties. However these varieties Evolve into many different Tech - so don’t do what I did and delete the duplicate Upgrade Eggs.


Looks like the odds for each of the 6 possible tech upgrades with Space Egg encounters are as follows:

Class Chance %
Normal / C 55
Rare / B 30
Epic / A 20
Legendary / S 10 except Shield Upgrade being 5

Didn’t have any before. Now have these.


I just want to know if there is a type that increases living ship storage capacity. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Would like to get that one as well. But not sure it does exist.

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Maybe using an Augmentation at the Space Station? But not past 30 for the Storage Sacs or past 28 for the Organ Chamber.

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‘Can’t augment living being.’
‘Can’t salvage living being.’

So if one decides to ‘salvage’ a living ship - will have to manually strip all upgrade nodes from them and trade in for a small amount of money in exchange for a metal can.


Welcome to the forum! I have no idea what you posted :smile:. Anyway, hope you post again soon.
There is supposed to be new upgrades for the Living Ships. Would be nice to have a list under a summary tab.

Do you mean that there are new upgrades, which came with the exomech patch?

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No, there’s new upgrades coming with the next update.


Still works in 3.01

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