Why is there a No Man's Sky Traveller on this Crypto Gaming Article?

I was looking at some crypto news and did a double take when I saw this article.
Why is there an NMS traveller in the picture? Is Hello Games planning to do something with Cointelegraph, or did CT steal the design of the NMS traveller?


I wonder if HG is aware? Perhaps you should reach out to them… :wink:


I’ve seen NMS artwork used in several places before. Likely unlicenced. Such as Amazon. I’ve seen their artwork photoshopped onto computer screens and posters.


Because it’s a “terminal”, and it looks futuristic, I’d guess. And for some reason crypto-currency is associated with futuristic stuff.
Also, I guess a game like NMS is a crypto-developers wet dream (think of all the NFTs you could generate!), but of course they’d actually have to get of their scamming asses and actually invest something, so I guess they’re never going to get it :rofl: