What will gaming be like in 2045?

Have you ever wondered what gaming will be like in 2045 ?
you probably have seen the movie Ready Player One, that takes place in 2045
Will casual gaming still be a thing? or will VR take over?


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I think casual gaming will always be a thing; but why 2045? Isn’t that when the singularity is supposed to occur?

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well we can’t predict how gaming would be like in 2045, and it is not possible that VR would took all, it is just one technology like augmented reality and holo lens, vr games just give feel of some real world but lacks control multiplayer etc.

Honestly most VR games so far seem rather casual to me…


What VR tech lacks now is a proper user input/control system. Without precise input tracking and control, games feel clumsy and stiff making fast paced games where you dont stand in one spot an unpleasant experience. A glove like device would work much better that the hand held controllers, but the tech isn’t there yet for lowcost mass production.

Wellllll, we’ll all be neuralinked to the cloud of course, indecipherable from RL. This is the matrix people :stuck_out_tongue:

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Maybe we’re already in the matrix! :scream:

And there is a bug in the respawning logic where our memories get erased! OMG! Reincarnation is real!!!

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If I live that long, in 2045 I will be 91 years old.

By that time, my brain cells will have seriously deteriorated. Suffering major mental impairment, I will be limited to playing things like Fortnite, and Street Fighter 27.


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: