What is 1.5 ha ha ha ha look at this

well from what i found out 1.5 is 36 degrees angle turned 6 times to = 1.5 lol that’s is a ture fact…


I see that this is joking and all but
I don’t see how the 1.5 inch radius is affected by all the angles?
The angles would be the same if it was 1 inch or 5 light years in diameter


yes what is learned here is that 180/5=36

in no way is 1.5 turned 6 times equal to 36 degrees. nothing about that is accurate. it does not even make sense.

in this diagram one half of a circle with a radius of 1.5 inches has been divided into five equal parts.

with this information you can determine many different facts, how far it is between any two points or more points or the area of any of the segments.

But in no way whatsoever is 1.5 “turned” nor do 6 of the 36 degree segments equal 1.5 inches, there are only 5 segments in any case.