What have you never done in No Man's Sky?


I was just thinking about the things I haven’t done yet or seen in the game.

I’ve been playing since Atlas Rises and still have never…

…played in Creative mode, which I really should as I love the base building element of the game. I’ve only played normal mode.

…left the Euclid galaxy.

…seen a Squid ship.

…used my headset!


Met another traveller in game or built a monument.


I have never really built a base and maintained it i always just travel so this time im making citys all over the Galaxy already have a huge beach front Subterranean base I’m trying to see how big of a base you can build


I have never left Euclid. (I reloaded my saves as soon as I got the center trophies for survival and permadeath.)


never bought a freighter

never built an underwater base

never encountered another player

never made it to the center in survival or permadeath mode

never flown a shuttle

never played creative mode


Never made it to the centre of the galaxy. (ooh! Shiny planet! Let’s explooooore!)

Never visited a player hub

Never left Euclid for another galaxy

Never played Survival or Permadeath mode; therefore never got the last two Steam achieves.

Never accumulated more than 2.5 billion units at a time.

Never used more than three of my allotted game slots at once.

Never purchased a squid

Never got my S-class capital freighter (have a B-class of that type)

Never collected one of each type of ship

Never got to exchange my S-class Rassamama for one with a domed cockpit.

Never got to explore EVERY planet I came across.

Never got to read ALL the Remembrance entries in the back rooms.

Never got to grow and harvest Nip-Nip! (as looking forward to a healthy toke of that stuff some day. :innocent:

I’m sure there’s more… :wink:


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What I have not done actually became some of my main goals in NEXT.

Never owned a freighter

Met another player

Built a functioning farm

Owned an S class ship

Made a cave habitat

Gone spelunking


I never got the Dark Matter recipe haha

or raced on another player’s race track

never came close to the center of the galaxy

or got an S class anything


The only thing that comes to mind is attacking a freighter…I’ve never done it…at least not on purpose. I occasionally hit them by accident while trying to defend them from pirates and they’d get angry at me but I always backed off…not because I couldn’t fight them but because I didn’t want to…they were always peaceful towards me unless I did something wrong…and they never carried anything I couldn’t get anywhere else quite easily. I’ve always been good and peaceful to the NPCs that were peaceful to me…the only exception there are the animals…I did occasionally shoot peaceful animals as a means of ordering a shipment of zinc for immediate delivery by the sentinels…but now they don’t seem to have anything good or useful anymore.


• Built a complex base
• Farmed
• Built exploration vehicles
• Left the starter galaxy
• Journeyed towards the center
• Landed on a previously discovered planet. I found them just never landed on them.
• Bought and populated a Freighter.



I must have jinxed myself in a good way starting this thread. Found my first Squid ship last night! :grin:


Pfiiiu… the list will be huge haha

  • Never got a freighter.
  • Never went to the center.
  • Never had more than 20M at a time.
  • Never got 3 vehicules at a time.
  • Never went to the end of the Atlas Quest (creating spheres)
  • Never had a farm
  • Never had a Squid
  • Never had an S-ship at all.
    And like @TravelEcho, I am sure there’s more!


Never built a base that is actually practical.
Never finished the Atlas Quest.
Never had more than 15 million credits.
Never farmed stuff.
Never had an actually stylish spacecraft.
Never seen more than one exotic (my own).


I have never seen a squid ship…ever…in my own game that is :wink: