What did we do with DUPLE?


Hey guys,

What did we do with “DUPLE” in the end? Is it still under investigation?

Note for those who didn’t follow: “duple” comes from the hex number at the end of the web sites related to WT and converted to characters.

echo-64 : d
multiverse-75 : u
myriad-70 : p
superlumina-6c : l
atlas-65 : e


Duple: two beats to a measure. Duality of Multiverse-75.com?


Have all the videos links to songs got 2 beats to the measure?


We speculated endlessly and fruitlessly over it before we gave up in total despair.


Okay, fair enough.
So I didn’t miss anything on that!

It’ll be fun when SM/HG release all the answers so we find out we actually only did half of it (as per Elizabeth herself)!