Weapon fire collision with wires and decals

PC - version 2.26

Wires appear to have no collision, except when you try to shoot your weapon. I noticed this earlier when play-testing my pinball build. Not a big issue considering wires are not that large (usually) and I have been able to place them strategically. Still annoying though and it makes no real sense to add any kind of collision to wires.

When it comes to decals, apart from the already known decals having collision with the player (see here), rather a large hitbox at that, it appears all decals have a collision box that collides with weapon fire. I was trying to add a decal on top the pinball playfield when I noticed this. Of course due to the scale, the hitbox is rather huge, but even at ‘allowed’ scales, there is certainly a noticeable hitbox blocking weapon fire. Why oh why … for what reason ???

Looking really smexxy and the ball has no issue with the decal at all

However, I can no longer shoot at anything down the center at a rather wide range