New decals have collision?!

Was just doing some decorations in one of my bases, just to notice that some of the new Decals appear to have collision. I was wondering why I could no longer walk through the walkway, which is half a floor tile wide, in the image below:

I then checked in Photo Mode, to notice I was able to just squeeze above or below. So obviously some mysterious hitbox is blocking the player. So I removed them and I could walk passed without issue. I had the Polo Decal placed on a wall as well, see images below. The player positions you see is as close I can get from the side and front.

However, this collision reaches through the wall to the back as well. In my case blocking the door completely.

Placing the decal lower, makes the collision more obvious, as you can see me standing on top of it.

I have not checked all decals just yet, but I did test a couple of the older ones, which do not appear to have this issue. What was HG thinking when they made these ??? They manage to ‘blow my mind’ more often than I’d wish for …

Reported to Zendesk


I noticed this as well.
I couldn’t place a chair against a wall because there was a decal.
In some cases, with collision involving decorative parts, I’ve found alternating which piece you place first sometimes avoids the issue.


My decals are on my Freighter. I have not noticed an issue. Will check it further.


I also found that the bed has collision issues if other objects are on the wall behind it, yet if you put the bed in first you can still add the desired wall pieces afterwards.
Go figure…at least there’s a way around it.


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Okay. I checked my Freighter
Here is my lounge area.

This is as close as I can get to Barman ToilGek Rids.

No problem if I hop over the bar. The decal just won’t let me pass.

Here is the hallway to the quarters for Weapons Specialist Ensign Negz and Ship’s Doctor Echo Analyst Entity Pop

Funny thing is, I am actually standing with my face against one of these decals. However, I vanish from sight when standing so closely. Can you guess which decal I am in front of?


I think this explains some of the issues I have had with walking through my base; I never thought about the decals as the cause of the problem.
I guess you could use these as a secret ladder or something, until HG fixes it…