Videos v1.5-1.77




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The sentinel flip was totally an accident, obviously, but immediately made me think of this. lol The only regret i have is when i hopped off the bike to do the thumbs up. If i had panned the camer a just a bit more to the right a fantastic shot of a ringed planet would have been behind the bike. Too bad i can’t plan on another jump. Darn it! :smile:



I predict that about the time I get all of the Missions in order for my guide, 2.0 will hit and re-write all of the story line :laughing:
At this point, I would be more than willing to pay for DLC and updates however, I think it unlikely they would charge for it because they know not all people would pay and if players are running different versions of NMS, it would mess up multi-player. I really hope HG is still making a profit from NMS.