Videos v1.5-1.77


It would be nice to be able to go for a space walk. We already have the suit and the jet pack. More varied gravity planet side would also be nice, as long as it doesn’t make my base or the ruins start floating again. :smile:




Cool looking fan film


Ok, that’s officially the most awesome thing I’ve seen this week. Can’t wait for the full feature! :smile:


Love it! :smiley:




I love this awesome dad!


I do hope they fix the caves. They were so much better and then…they weren’t. :disappointed_relieved:


Haven’t played for a while, has anything happened to caves? They were great after NEXT…


Yeah that kinda surprised me. I often gripe about Next’s decreased color/variety, but didn’t realize caves were a big issue too. Some certainly feel rather sparse after Atlas Rises, but I actually really like Next’s uncharacteristically increased variety of assets there.


Yes. The caves improved with NEXT but one of the last couple of smaller updates actually removed some of the variety. Most of the caves I have found recently are fairly sparse.




Yes so much of awesome.


Eat my boltcaster! :rofl:


I laughed so hard at “No free slots in suit inventory”. sigh Story of my no man’s sky life! :smile:


Yes. My favorite part as well…also the story of my NMS life. :grin:


“NEXT LEVEL” is my next No Man’s Sky cinematic short, and it’s going to be epic. ! :grin: I can’t wait to finally complete it and show you! Lots to do!! (if you have the ability to watch in 4K, I highly recommend it!)


New cinematic video! Just the simple beauty of NMS…