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things flowing over long distances is a very tricky thing to do in procgen… You either know where it starts or where it ends, but never both, much less where it flows through.
Solutions I’ve seen for this (and implemented myself with not very satisfying results) usually have the river just carve out a bed (a boolean modifier that gets applied on top of the terrain generation), which can have pretty weird results in complex terrain…


Right, and on top of that throw in the complication of being able to modify the terrain in-game! I imagine an actual liquid dynamics system is completely out of the question. Any practical solution would likely have to do what you mention, and in addition surround the flows with uneditable terrain to maintain the illusion.

With that said, I’d still love to see it.


The thing is, an actual liquid dynamics system is comparatively simple with modern physics engines. They essentially do all the work for you.
The problem is that you can’t use a liquid dynamics system with procgen, because you don’t know what your terrain looks like. You need a deterministic system, not a dynamic one.
But you are right, once you have that, marrying it with a fluid dynamics system employed on the local level to deal with things like terrain changes would be a complete nightmare, and I suspect it is theoretically impossible to do with repeatable consistency.






adds functionnality to decorations Players’ bases objects

  • Large Computer Desks are signal scanners
  • Shelf storage opens character customisation
  • Lockers opens character customisation
  • Worktop opens character customisation
  • Beds are save points
  • Sofa are saves points ( not the one without armrest )
  • Light Tables are saves points
  • Green and Orange wall screen monitors open Galactic Commission Station interface
  • Blue Wall screen monitors opens NPC’s missions’ interface
  • Monitor Desk open NPC’s missions’ interface
  • Weaponrack allows to exchange multitools
  • Wall Cabinet generates Coprite
  • Octa Cabinet generates Mordite
  • some plants generates Carbone
  • Some plants Generates Sodium
  • Some plants Generates Salt
  • Some plants Generates Cobalt
  • Fan Ventilation generates oxygene
  • Monitor Desk open NPC’s missions’ interface
  • Roof Monitor open upgrade suit interface ( still need to buy the slots / can be instantanly repeated)
  • Robotic Arm open upgrade suit interface ( still need to buy the slots / can be instantanly repeated )
  • Draws opens container storage 0
  • Large Crate offers Pure Ferrite
  • Cubic Crate Offers Ferrite Dust

You can download this mod at

This mod is combined with Deployable Exocraft in the video

makes the geobays removable into the inventory.
So that you build your exocraft geobay only the first time, then you can reuse it ( like the save points do , for example )

The mod also change the massive geobay into a portable drop point for exocrafts.

The portable drops points looks differents for each exocraft.

You can build tracks without claiming a base ( build wood structs, metal structs a lights anywhere on planet )

You can also build teleporter, signal booster , and selected wood and metal assets in freighters’ base.

Deployable exocrafts mod :

Those mods are part of The Next Big Adventure mod
that can be downloaded there




It’s here! Please enjoy “Next Level”, my newest epic NMS cinematic short. :slight_smile: