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I finally reached 2000 subscribers and revealed my face. Thank you Hello Games for creating such an awesome game for me to cover!


In all of the No Man’s Sky excitement it’s easy to forget about Waking Titan… The ARG is firing on all cylinders and this video update covers what is happening now and some new information. W/ARE Dev Kits are being intercepted or stolen!


Well done Mac! You deserve this and so much more.


Nice to finally have a face to put to the voice! :slight_smile: conflgratulationa on 2000 subs!


Investigating the new No Mans Sky NEXT Freighter/Planetary Ship Images + Possible Submarine! Indication that New Story is Coming!?

How will Co-Op/Multiplayer and PVP work with these new Ships…

Also… I was right again! On a roll! xD



Hey started streaming and this time I’m a talking


Streaming again :slight_smile: talking again. Feel less weird about it now :slight_smile:

@arpoja thanks for tuning in :wink:


CSD on duty! o7

@toddumptious It was a pleasure my friend! :wink:


Twitch chat is being funky on my end ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Editing so as not to spam or distract from L plays new post but streaming again at


So this is a comprehensive update video on the recent Waking Titan updates…BUT, I also may have gotten carried away with my intro here.

Sorry W/ARE… If I go missing you all know what has happened! xD


So… I think I may have the greatest No Man’s Sky collection in the world! Would love to see what cool stuff you guys have :smiley:


Well done Mac, we always enjoy watching your videos :grinning:


Had never seen this. Is there a way to find the comic-style story? I have never seen that either.


The comic book came with the special edition.


There’s a (fairly rough) copy here:


Great reveal bye the way! I don’t know if it’s been mentioned but if you live stream to youtube from a PS4 using face cam youtube will save it, hope this helps👍


Cool! Sentinel Walkers popping up out of the sand! :sunglasses: :scream:
My new NMS motto: “I’m not going to dwell on where I am heading; that’s not a question to be asked, and it is not a thing to be understood by anyone else but me”


I have a level 4 Atlas Pass and that’s it (still HUGELY grateful for it though!) I really want a cool NMS poster for my room but could never find a good one. I also built a LEGO multitool (lifesized), along with a fighter and hauler (obviously not life sized) so I guess those count as well.


Been a while, thought I’d make this while we wait for NEXT :+1: