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Recently started a new normal game, taking a break from survival until the update maybe. Streaming for the voyeurs at




Also made this neat little W/ARE/Waking Titan Update/Recap before all of the madness yesterday took over my life :smiley: What a great time to be a No Man’s Sky fan!!!


Can we just delete this? lol

Literally nothing but a negative outlook on the game.


While I don’t like the video itself, the comments there actually give me hope (especially the like ratio of them).

Very rarely I see that many positive comments about NMS upvoted that much.


Now streaming No Man’s Sky on a new save, as my own bcatrek person (none of this CSD Games thing :laughing: )

Feel free to stop by!

Now streaming No Man's Sky!

Coming to watch for a bit :smiley:


Thanks @Matador nice to have you and others around! Too bad about the lag in the gameplay, will try to optimise settings for the next time around!


I had fun! Thanks for streaming :smiley:


Actually I’m LIVE again! Same link as above, I was tinkering around a bit and found a solution for my audio problem!



Can’t stop now! :smiley:

New Images, New Memo, Emily is back, Cobra getting a new clue sent to him by HG, Fake NMS E3 Reveal Leak, I’m in the official ARG and Reddit NMS Hall of Fame! AMAZING!


Sean’s full interview on Inside Xbox which was just aired live :slight_smile:


So I live streamed the entire Inside Xbox event last night :smiley:

This was my first ever attempt at streaming like this so I had some teething problems but hopefully you guys enjoy my reactions to seeing Sean Murray back in action and talking about NEXT, Multiplayer and the release date!


An important question… Much like the speculation surrounding portals before they were implemented… My strong guess is that ‘Ring Structures’ are the means for players to gather for coop - every ‘Ring’ allows a player to set-up a game and invite up to 3 friends/players for coop… possibly _ :stuck_out_tongue:


Agreed - a couple Hyper-Ego-Dorks using Amplified Hollow Sensationalism.
Whats more, who would use a name-pic like DarkbyDesign’s… I suspect we have a resident troll although I will apologise if i’m wrong.


That video is so cringey to watch, i regret giving it the view. The asshats in that video are a joke to me, trying to capitalize on negativity towards a unique and groundbreaking game that clearly has a ton of fans and baiting then insulting the fanbase in hopes of getting more views. It is almost pathetic the glimmer of hope they have of being relevant. I suggest the editor does some more editing next time. It’s like hearing a 10 yr old tell the same dick joke 100 times, peering out salaciously waiting for a cackle. I hope they can keep their jobs long enough to learn to do some ACTUAL reporting on a games development. I see why this is the first time I have heard of them. Sorry for the rant, but you can taste the toxicity that surrounds those two guys.


I’m on twitch right now, as we speak, until further WT appears!


A passionate rant with enough mass to hold these toxic-dorks for an eternity!


The know are the lowest of the low when it comes to videogames journalism, they remind me of glossy gossip mags etc. Which is a shame, because gus etc from rooster teeth used to have my respect