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I can’t believe the Loop de Loop worked! :sunglasses: Nice vid.


Oh nice! Do you have any pictures of the multitool and ships you made?



Ok yeah that was my first time ever posting a link directly to another topic so sorry if that’s all messed up. I’m pretty sure I accidentally quoting someone without intending. Sorry! :sweat_smile:


Streaming for a while :slight_smile:


Props to this young lady for her incredibly detailed reports on Waking Titan events. Since @kyle-culver seems to be missing, she is filling that gap for me.


I honestly don’t know how this will be received. I hope it helps to inform and open a few eyes especially for those who never took another look at NMS after launch but are dropping back in now due to the NEXT/Xbox announcement. I’m obviously a huge fan of the game but I’ve tried to give a an honest and clear history of No Man’s Sky here. Hope it comes across right.


@bcatrek is doing a quick short stream to show the hologram

Hologram time (stream ended)

Here is a Twitch Clip


I managed to find some of your stuff but the multi-tool link is unavailable :s


Lazy Sunday Streaming


I used to rush to be first with these, now I try to do them right. Let’s talk about the new player models. “We’re gonna pour a lot into this game and we’re already pouring a lot into it. I would like the opportunity to see it fully realised” Honestly… what a great time to be a No Man’s Sky fan :smiley:


Thank you @LPlaysGaming for putting these informative videos out for new players. I have little doubt that NEXT will be bring in a substantial amount of new/ returning players, and not just with the new platforms. Many gamers have been watching in the wings to see if NMS can be updated to the game that they were expecting.


Have to wait six hours before I have enough likes again, there’s more deserved than I’m allowed to give with all this action lately.

To pass the time, I’m streaming again :slight_smile:

Edit: Life got in the way of the stream :joy:

Will get back to it in the hour


Thanks @MacForADay below, didn’t have to do that I’m just doing for fun but thank you so much, couldn’t be more honored love your channel and all you do


I featured your Youtube channel on the front page of mine.


Thank you! I’m glad people are enjoying them and I’m hoping I can add at least a small drop of positivity out there with them :smiley:

There are so many people that may well be missing out on the game just because of some of the things they may have heard so if I can at least persuade a few people to give NSM a chance that will be amazing!


Back with another detailed breakdown of all things Waking Titan over the last few days…phew, there has been a lot of action huh!? :stuck_out_tongue:


Good to see ObsidianAnt covering the topic of NMS NEXT as well. Was wondering when we’d hear anything from him regarding the coming update.

He starts talking about it at 02:04, also mentions the three prior updates not being paid DLC.

I hope he’ll create more videos about NMS once the update drops, since he’s making awesome content. Before NMS, I could watch his Elite Dangerous videos all day long.


My “Saying Goodbye to NMS Version 1.38” series has concluded. You can view all the videos in the playlist below. My next livestream series will be “Exploring Eissentam Galaxy” on the same save file.


Streaming again, plus also starting off with a reading from @Oshoryu 's continuation of his NMS narrative.


Hi all… I’m streaming some of my universe… Hope you enjoy!
Failed attempt at creating a live event I could share a link to! lol
In case you wanted to check some of it out…

Nothing great on my side! Not confident as to start talking or anything, just test gameplay…