Victoria & Albert Museum - NMS Featured in Video Games Exhibition


As one of their regular visitors, I just got an email from the Victoria and Albert Museum, London.

They will be hosting an exhibition about video games, from September 2018 to February 2019. It’s called “Video Games - Design, Play, Disrupt”.

No Man’s Sky will be one of the featured games.

Details here:


Tell us you ARE going. I would imagine that’s gratifying to the devs as well - considering the amount of games to choose from.


Oh, yes - I’ll be there. :grinning:


Lol they made it already to a museum!
Well, who knows what surprises this game may hold for the future yet…


So we have plenty of time to visit if it’s running for 91 years :slight_smile:


Ha ha. Well done. Good spot.

Nobody likes a smartass.

NOTE - my comment “Nobody likes a smartass” is a joke . It’s intended to be humorous, and not an attack on a vigilant investigator of typing errors,


lol i realise that no worries, well corrected Sir


Always nice when things in your life aline like that :slight_smile: Very few games deserve to be museum worthy.

Well, a lot do, but very few when compared to the amount of videogames in existence. I’d easily put early lucas arts games in an exhibition, or if I could only pick one I guess it’s be Monkey Island as it was a big step for point and click adventure games.

Minecraft, flower, transistor are another three very recent examples I’d slap on there too. There’s more I’m sure but right now all I can think of is breakfast.

Sometimes that post joke disclaimer is quintessential on the innnernettes, I’ve discovered in recent months twitter has absolutely no sense of humor, it’s very political and full of forceful ideologies, which is kinda funny I suppose since they’re having deep political conversations somehow with 180 characters so nobody really says anything and it devolves into back and forth insults or statistics.


I said it before and will say it again I think the game worthy of a video game BAFTA in some categories.


Oh my… don’t forget to take pictures @Polyphemus , or you shall be doomed forever!! :grin:


Thanks for the info @Polyphemus I will go and check this out.