Using GeoCaching As Part of ARG Steps

I would love to see A&S use Geocaching as a way to allow more people to get involved in real life. When one of their “agents” are visiting areas for business/personal reasons, burying a container with a clue/item (usb drive) for others to find through clues…would be a great asset for their ARGs.

The geocaches could be buried months or weeks in advance, just sitting there waiting for A&S to reveal the clues. Or they could be included in the games themselves (like in NMS) as Destiny 2 has done:

I think this option is more viable than just having to hire local talent for dead drops. With Geocaching, planning and grouping is more enjoyable because your expectations are not as high for the expected results…it is a “given” that something is there. I think a couple of the latest dead drops were “underwhelming” for people who had high-expectations of what/who would arrive.