Tutorial - Planetary Battles in Version 1.3

I used to enjoy the occasional planetary battles in 1.2, and I was saddened when I couldn’t find them any more in 1.3.

But it turns out that in 1.3, you can make your own. This little video shows you how.

Have fun. :grinning:


That’s pretty cool, although interesting how the pirates turn into slow moving/floating turrets and no longer fly around the usual way.


They don’t always. It only happens when they don’t manage to land properly. If you have some stuck like that, you can land again for 10 seconds or so, and they’ll finish their own landing. It can be quite funny to watch - sometimes they have to do it backwards.

The ones who haven’t started landing will just stay in the air and fight.

It’s all fun.


This is great fun to watch! Definitely going to try this out for myself!


This is so good! I especially love the intro, and the clear instructions and examples --as well as the fun battle footage. Makes me proud to be a Citizen Scientist. :heart_eyes:


I still love your “documentary” voice. Thanks for exaplining this; I’ll have to try it sometime.


Great battle video ! Definitly gotta try this aswell !

And I have to agree with @MacForADay about you voice!

You could have easily become a famous superstar for commenting videos :sunglasses:


“…now you can just fly around and enjoy the mayhem”

…hehehe! Post realising that I had been sitting subconsciously clutching myself while watching on, as if it were an episode of something…

This video, you should know, is as great for those wishing to avoid battle as for those who wish to engage, so thank you for that :smiley:


I like it. Never would have thought of trying this, it’s amazing the things that can be done and I bet HG never envisaged players trying stuff like this…


You know, I wonder. I really do. What I’ve shown in the video is a mechanic that was actually a thing in 1.2. It never worked very well, and it was very hard to find, but it was clearly designed in deliberately. It was supposed to happen.

In 1.3, it stopped happening spontaneously. Now you have to make it happen, and it still doesn’t work all that well (but well enough).

It would have been very simple for HG to block attack ships from entering atmosphere. They could have prevented this kind of thing, but they chose not to. At some level, I think they want this sort of thing to be possible.

If you dig deeply enough, you can find lots of other subtle things going on within the game. Things that are by no means obvious to the casual player. For instance, have you ever wondered what happens to Sentinels after they die? There’s a whole story to be told there (but that’s the subject of a video I’m still working on).

Some of these things may genuinely be bugs. Some may be the remnants of old, abandoned game mechanics that were never fully removed. But some, I believe, are Easter eggs - tucked away, where only the really curious will find them.


The fighter with the R2D2 on the side of the hull was possibly the first Easter egg found in the game I think. SM was also very coy when asked in interview about ‘Earth’ being in the game. His response was very interesting I thought…Maybe our friends over the water may have missed it, but being English, I understood how uncomfortable he felt when asked the direct question…his body language was very revealing…

I’m about 360 hours into the game and I’m still finding stuff out that I never knew about. Not that I’m so arrogant to think I know everything, but after a few hundred hours you don’t seriously expect many surprises. Like the only other day I found out that you can get Omegon by building a trade terminal on your freighter…I did not know that…


As much as Sean Murray likes to keep hints about updates “under wraps” until release, I suspect that there is a lot more depth to the game environment than we’ve uncovered so far.