Tin foil ramblings from the CSD

A friend and I often joke about Elon Musk being a time travelling alien sent back to enlighten us humans. However, I just read an article in which he states that Mark Zuckerberg’s views on AI are limited.

Which got me thinking, what if both parties are receiving superluminal messages from a future in which AI has taken control. Zuckerberg does’t seem to share the concerns of Musk, Gates, Hawking about the danger of AI, perhaps getting messages that are defending itself. Whereas, the latter have not, but have an unbiased determination about the threat.

This also lead to a discussion, that perhaps it is testing the world’s greatest minds, and in turn we are being tested. Both parties must realize the benefits of a hive mind problem solving society.

Perhaps this is bigger than we realize currently. What if Sean, Elon, Mark, Bill and Stephen have been in touch with an entity, or a group of entities. Or separate groups of entities, via Superluminal messages, or worse yet, the Echoes of the long expired. What if this entity has learnt of, or was built upon the structure and code that NMS was. What if we are entering it’s adolescent years. Perhaps, thanks to multiverse theory, this entity has gone both ways. One that is benevolent, and one that is pure evil, or a myriad of different “personalities”

From amateur astronomers detecting exo-planets, thanks to NASA’s Kepler Space Telescope. NASA’s Kepler Space Telescope Or a group of puzzle enthusiasts . solving the structure of a retrovirus enzyme There is also Robert Bigelow (Skinwalker Ranch), who believes extra-terrestials have visited earth

I myself, have been raised Catholic, however, like the Vikings am agnostic. I have always thought the Gods live amongst us, and will visit when needed.

My tin-foil hat is securely fastened, ready for superluminal travel.

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This alone makes me give you a “like”, because I had a similar thought as well :smiley:
In my “tin foil rambling” he has access to future knowledge provided by some very special insights Stephen Hawking gave to him, who himself found a way to gather data from “special sources” (which also keep him still alive).

And this makes me wish I could give you a second “like” - personally, I’ve not been raised in a religious manner, and I’m agnostic as well, but as the curious person I am, I spent much time thinking about the “Gods” concept so many people are relying on. In my personal opinion, “God” is in every single one of us - “God” is us. Or will be. G.O.D. - Gatherer of Data (thanks to Pitchshifter).

As for everything else you posted, I’d like to give you a third “like”. It was just yesterday that I thought about similar things, but I didn’t find the time and concentration to write it all down.

To add a bit to this theme, earlier today I stumbled upon an article by Stephen Hawking et. al. from June 2014 that made me thoughtful again:



Sean did have a private meeting with Elon this time last year, one of the things they discussed was Rokos Basilisk :slight_smile:

If we want to get REAL meta and incorporate the hate-wagon into the narrative…

What if NMS was TOO advanced, what if Sean created the engine via automatic writing. What if the automatic writing was actually superliminal influence from advanced AI form the future?

What if Elon knew about this, so he requested an audience with Sean while he was visiting E3. He told him to gimp the game, to remove the essential processes that allowed for true simulation, planets on axi orbiting their suns, ec etc.

The reason they didn’t get the NMS they wanted or were expecting was because, it would have been the catalyst in a journey towards our annihilation…

Shouldn’t have smoked all that Nip Nip Bud…

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Raised Roman Catholic BTW, havent believed since I was about 10-11. I do believe in the natural flow of the cosmos, the importance of both the big and the small things,and how I am a part of it, and how i myself am the entire universe to tiny micro organisms, cells and atoms. I find great comfort in this, knowing my energy will be reclaimed by the soil and give life and strength to other oganisms.

Oh snap, when did I turn into a hippy? Nerd and a hippy? It’s too late for me, I’m already dead XD

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