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Trying to catch up looking at all the post, so glad this page is well liked, i have some to upload and will soon.


For you post jan 25
Just come accross this …oh how lovely of you to think of me…I really needed it about then…my transplant is playing up but at the best hospital in the world Liver dept. Still battling but it is a huge overhaul to go through almost a major refit!
I will get bak to playing very soon…abit worried as i am in creative and only wander about on my oun and being a wuss bit scared to go through portals … silly I know.


That is okay. NEXT update will likely drop soon. Everything will likely get a BIG reset. Most believe this update will be like NMS 2. A huge overhaul. Everyone is Super Hyped! Tell that liver to behave and just accept its new assignment. Can’t wait to see you back in the sim!


Great to hear from you linshell, thanks for the status report. All our love and thoughts are with you for a safe and healthy recovery! See you in the simulation citizen scientist



As you know I signed up to the CS but havent been sure what to do, alot of the computer stuff I have tackled has just been me and my digital art and I stated playing NMS which was the first game ever!
So I really need a step by step walk though if posssible. But not yet as again on a drip, no prob it is just what happens in the early months. Ok best to all keep flying keep those elements safe and advoid all danger …HA!


Not sure if it counts as a window but…




I have to express how absolutely fantastic this Topic is, @Linshell! I’m glad I clicked on it, today. :slightly_smiling_face: It’s so fun to see what other players are capturing. I’m getting a gaming computer soon so that I can play NMS better. I’m definitely looking forward to contributing to this creative thread. Excellent idea! :trophy::camera:


Out of likes but this comment deserves a big “Harumph!”, hands down one of the best threads going :slight_smile:


Some window shots from today’s travels:


some real beautiful shots


Oh thank you I must admit I am amazed how it became so liked. So glad you droped by!


Through the sorta windows


Very punny! I like it.