Through The Window. photos


It is a ruin.
You find them using exocraft scanner or by stumbling across them
They have an interactive oblisk similar to a monolith that tells you some lore.
Many have broken towers you can jetpack up inside via broken floors. This is the window from there.
I have another pic that is similar…I’ll see of I can find it.



Through the eyes of Arthur Morgan?


Points of Perspective.


You have inspired me …I found a ruin near the sea and thought what would The Mad Hatter make of this? So I took some photos and will share them later today.


Fantastic Title.


Gah! I love :heart: all of these! But the site won’t let me “like” any more. I think I used them all up on the v1.3 Screenshots, Art, Videos & Streaming thread! :blush:


Found the perfect Ruin…so want to live in it and have this planet as my Base.


Another photo from my favourite Ruin.


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Yeah theres a daily limit. During the ARG on a daily basis I was getting “please wait 3/6/10/ hours/ 10/20 minutes/etc before liking again” I was constantly hitting that wall cos there was too much to like XD


Yes! This! I read that it can be manually increased by someone who has the POWER. (hint?)


Continuing the ruin theme


I think one way to increase your like limit is to increase your trust level
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Daily like limit


My new home on an exotic planet :rocket:


Thank you for the link @MrBacon. I had immediately gone on a search and found that, but didn’t have time to link it myself.

I’m not really worried. I usually have more than enough to hand out. I had not had much time for online socialising lately though, so I was getting caught when, you might say, it caught up with me, and I ran out of love to give. :grin:

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These window photos remind me of the miniature portraits so popular as keepsakes years ago.
I can imagine them now as small embroideries or badge patches now.


True love I think, and quite rightly so… beautuful.


This is a fab home, what is the weather like there? Any chance of nice walks and friendly locals?
Might try a conservatory like that for my Base when I finally create one.