Through The Window. photos





Outside inside…



That is the most lush planet I have ever seen. Love it. :heart_eyes:


The ships name is the name of the picture :smiley:





Since NEXT is just around the corner and I am currently settled in what will be my final base before we can build anywhere, I decided to try out a glitch I heard about via @MacForADay s channel but never had a reason to attempt until now.

It allows you to place a plant anywhere so I made myself a little window display out of fungal mould and gamma weed, makes me feel like I’m in my apothecarians hovel in an elder scrolls game :slight_smile:

I also discovered I can place objects outside my base using the same technique, so I put a little building outside the boundary (Boundary Breach detected 16//16//16//) to give myself a little taste of what NEXT will be bringing our way :heart_eyes:


Nice, this makes me wonder how planting outdoors will work in NEXT, since we will be able to “build without limits”.



Thanks @Oshoryu , definitely the most detailed cavum-oris in my gallery!



Link to NEXT Through the Window Pics