The Search For Salvage Frigate Modules

With Capital Ships needing Salvage Frigate Modules for various upgrades & building parts,
I’m finding I occasionally get one via a mission payment or when a frigate mission returns but they are pretty rare…
Is there a specific mission type or method that has been found to be reliably productive for acquiring Salvage Frigate Modules?


You can also become a true pirate and attack cargo frigates…
Derelict Freighter, the ones you board, also have some in the many containers and lockers.
No matter which way you choose, they are not plentiful. I can’t think of a way that is.




A derelict freighter has twice as many crates and takes at minimum twice as long to salvage than a crashed freighter. Your table says there’s less of a chance of finding them in a derelict, so probably not the best use of our time? Would have expected that the harder salvage operation has a higher chance.

Missions with these modules as a reward are rare, but at least you are certain to get them, no RNG, correct? I used to focus on crashed freighters, which are easier, but the RNG might give us zero.

Shooting up NPC freighter pods to find them doesn’t seem to be worth it? — unless of course you’re RP’ing a pirate and enjoy the way shooting is implemented.


It also drops your standing with whomever you are shooting at.

If I remember correctly, each piece is only 1 frigate module


After multiple attempts at acquiring SFMs, I found that piracy against fleets was the ‘quickest’ method of ensuring I got a module.
Missions with a SFM as payment were super rare & even easy derilicts were a gamble that didn’t pay off for me.
What I did was bounce back & forth between 2 pirate controlled systems & hammered the merchant fleets.
This tactic utterly destroyed my standing with the locals so I’m hoping forged passports plus some purple artifacts as gifts will help make up for my ruthlessness.
By the end of the session I had acquired 120m worth of contraband & 5 SFMs.
No great but better than my earlier attempt.


There seem to be a fair number of SFMs showing up as rewards for Nexus missions. I have seen as many as three at one time.


Maybe they tweaked that in the last patch.
My internet had been turned off for about 20 hours (glitchy) & I think that patch occurred during that time.
I hope so.
I’m currently playing my ‘pirate’ save which is appropriate but I have an as-yet untouched ‘Legacy’ save which I have excellent standing in & I don’t wish to turn criminal just to bring it up to date.


Keeping an eye on Nexus missions is a solid tip, it’s just constrained by what is offered and how often.

On Reddit someone recommends to fly very close to freighters in pirate systems, because the pods are labelled with their contents, and you can target only the ones that you truly want. And only lose a minimum of standing (against whom though? The pirates…?), which you can regain more quickly.

I recall noticing a label on a freighter pod when freighters were new, but it was just minerals that were easier gathered in other ways, so I didn’t make a mental note of it. Now that they can have a variety of contents, it comes in handy. :innocent:


Found out that a single forged passport was all I needed for full forgiveness for pillaging a dozen or more freighter fleets.
1 had 156 points in the negative :scream:

Also got 2 SFM via regular Nexus missions.


“Hi you pirate in that organic ship. To answer your unspoken question: No! Not only do I not have any Frigate Modules for you. I don’t have ANY CARGO at all. None. Don’t even bother looking at me. :unamused: :grimacing:


Good tip, I’ll remember that. However, when I tried giving my forged passport to a security scout doing a cargo check they took it away and fined me (with lasers) for having a forged passport. So maybe the 2nd tip is don’t give it to security guards who know what a forged passport is.


Just for clarity,:
Use Forged Passports at the Space Station core (in normal systems) & ensure it is the same race of aliens that you are appeasing.
Keeping contraband in the Capital Ship storage & teleporting it to your suit when required is the best way of avoiding getting in trouble.

When smuggling in contraband trade goods, I use a dedicated ship & call it to me at a Trading Post.


The freighters themselves sometimes don’t even notice if you pick a single pod off the actual ship.
Got a couple more modules by just ‘nibbling’.


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