The Mysterious Pilgrim Title (Special Systems)

With thousands of hours of gameplay, I assumed that I’ve seen almost everything. Not to say there isn’t an occasional animal, plant or rock formation that surprises (I love the variety that was added to the game.)

However in looking to complete everything in the game, I saw a title called “Pilgrim” (as in Pilgrim LordMarkov for me.) The description says “Visit a Special System”.

This has piqued my curiosity, because I have not seen nor seen input from from someone that has been to a system more special than a blue colored star system. Has anyone earned this title? Does anyone have speculation as to what these special systems may be?


I checked my titles, and no, I don’t have the “Pilgrim” one. I did note, however, that some of the titles are for completing specific missions.

My first thought is that there isn’t normally a “Special System”, and that an existing system is randomly designated as “Special” for the purposes of a mission.

But I’m not sure. It’s nice to think there’s a secret still out there that none of us have found yet.


Not sure, but if I were to speculate, I’d say try going to 064A:0082:01B9:009A, The Pilgrim Star


People on Reddit seem to have solved the puzzle. They say you need to visit 042F:0079:0D55:006A

Reddit post


Thanks for the information everyone. This was very helpful.

Its a little bit of a let down that this is just the Galactic Hub, which I visited years ago. My imagination was spinning things along the lines of the ruins of Korvax Prime or the system from the lore with the obsidian moon.


@LordMarkov: I have changed the category.

As for the Pilgrim title, it does indeed appear to be unlocked for visiting the Galactic Hub, which is odd to say the least. I have no clue what Pilgrim has to do with the Galactic Hub, not to mention them having moved location. I totally expected @Argh to have been correct instead. Maybe we should report this as a bug?


I’m not sure its a bug.

However, I do have to report that going to New Lennon did give me the title.


The “pilgrim star” is where that one crazy guy walked around a planet in the early days of the game, I think.

Edit: Yeah, it says so in the link posted by Argh:

The Pilgrim Star is a star system located in the Ocopad Conflux region in the universe of No Man’s Sky. It is the PC version of the famous PS4 system where St3amBot went walking around the entire planet of Dudenbeaumodeme.

Another edit: I just realised that the conclusion was that that is not the system you get the title from. Whoops.


Something to do with this ?


Actually @Waldo3000 had the answer for this in the posts above. You need to go to the capitol of the old galactic hub , New Lennon, to get the title.

However, I agree that the title “Pilgrim” confuses this a little.