The long tail!

I know that NMS may not have completely jumped the shark (or alien underwater horror) yet and hopefully lots of other features are added and development doesn’t stop for the foreseeable future but I have given thought about what could be the “last” feature after all others that could be added to the game so that it’s longevity has the best chance of being preserved.

I think a detailed and comprehensive campaign editor would make the most of this game for it’s post-development life. A campaign editor simple enough for most players to embrace and could complete a fantastic storyline for others to download and play, but also detailed enough for in-depth modders to sink their teeth into and create something truly special for players to stay busy with. I’m no modder but I know enough that with enough support tools this game can last a long long time to come after the development of this game ends.

If enough features are added before the end of development, and if a possible campaign editor would allow players creating their own adventures to take advantage of all game features then It could be something really special.

What else do you think would make the game last much longer than its dev cycle?