The Lighter Side of NMS. Graphics Hiccups and Funny Pics

I believe Emily had a favourite thread for memes she commented in, saying she’d save this to always remind her of her time with ETARC when season one was wrapping up or smth to that effect. Think that was the actress speaking to us more than it was Emily :wink:

Technically waking titan memes but there are some nms specific ones too, none negative as far as I can see.


Not sure this is the right place, but this was posted by legacy zero and it wonderfully describes NMS’ struggles:


You should also read the text the author writes as a comment, so look at the full page:


Well, he doesn’t really say anything in the words he didn’t say in the strip…

I can’t shake the feeling that I should still wait through a few more years of updates, so I can play the “real” No Man’s Sky.

For me personally, the changes have been part of the experience, especially how it’s kinda mirrored in the lore and story. A lot of that stuff is no longer there, or has changed and having been there for it all, I feel I have a much better grasp on what no mans sky is. If I was to start playing now, probably a lot of the meta narrative would be lost to me, it would be impossible to replicate the experience of being there since day one and stickimg around for the journey. The community and what we experienced over the last three years is woven into the game with nods and winks and references.

There’s a sense of history and change you can only get if you’ve been around for it. It’d be hard to explain it to somebody new, it would require a full blown lecture I think. It’s not an experience the game advertises, it’s just one that happened to emerge around it.


I agree completely. The updates are part of the story and history of the simulation


Totally agree. What a ride!!!


It seems I will be spending the BEYOND transition stuck in a window…this is not really the course I saw my life taking. Emotionally, I think I can handle it. Physically, I am not so sure. I will donate myself to the scientific research of the matter and remain in the window. It’s not like I really have a choice since all of my attempts to free myself have failed.
(see the shadowy figure in the window…)

Well, from SM’s tweets, there will be no Universal Reset…I will be stuck in the window for all of ETERNITY ! :scream:


when beyond is launched, all that should go away and you shall be FREE!


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