The Galactic Avian Organization


Yeah but that grey box looks detailed . :laughing:


Not a place I would be able to call home, it’s asymmetric :wink:


Infrastructure, decorations and some little tricks to force assymetry here and there always work wonders I find :slight_smile:


Here’s a really terrible drawing I made with my phone in about 5 minutes. I’m planning on adding a tower where you can see really far out and be at bird level, then add a little section out of the side with more chairs and stuff. Then of course I’m going to add waaaay more supports to the landing area because just seeing it hanging off the cliff like that freaks me out

Edit: picture didn’t add in for some reason



I’ve actually been working on a logo for the Galactic Avian Organization during my Graphic Design class. This IS NOT the final design. I’m going to be changing the font to one that looks a lot better, but I’m going to need the teachers help with adding fonts because the files are locked behind administrator access. I might also change the colors around a bit


“Monochromatic Falcon”


Done! Added more details like a planet, a moon, and a few stars (16 to be exact :wink: ) I also changed the text to something a little more… simple. I think it looks good, but feedback is greatly appreciated this early. I can always edit it.


I like it, but maybe a different font? I have zero experience with this, but is there something that’s a little sci-fi looking?


I’ve been looking through a lot. The largest issue is that every time I want to use a different font, I need to get administrator access from my teacher. I’ll look through more. I was trying to go for the more “minimalistic” look but it didn’t turn out exactly how I imagined


1st revision: Changed font, fixed stars, fixed planet


Graphics Class Feedback:

The change to a lighter font is fine, however I would increase the letter kerning to give the text more clarity. The first example uses Caps which make a cleaner line when written on a curve. With the lower case text the curve will be less defined because of any descenders and ascenders. Widening the kerning will help with lowercase definition on the curve.

Careful and clever use of ‘negative space’ can be very creative and create good theatre for the human eye.

Try to use sympathetic texts with the image or style of the design you want to ultimately echo. I think the silhouetting of the bird could be made even more dynamic so perhaps try some variation of poses. At present it is competing with the other four symbols due to the similar sizes.

There are two nice examples defining the spread of feathers in this picture from this thread, though it may not be the best bird type to use:

Some of the best compositions in paintings use diagonals and perspective tricks for drama and emphasis and the same can be applied to text and graphics. It also applies to thickness and thiness of line too and use of spacing, colour and tones.

The text and image will progress together until you eventually hit on something you will know to be just right. The text is often led by the image so you’ll just know it once the image is finalised. :slight_smile:

It might be worth trying out some variations of size for the smaller symbols. Possibly partially overlapping them behind the bird. There are no rules. In fact try to break rules you establish, with anything you do! Identify and emphasize the most exciting features of the bird. The rings on the planet could be more precise and infact I preferred the perspective of the ring in the earlier example.

Otherwise great job @Ospredox


By the way, what program are you using to make the logo?


@projectcartwheel Adobe Illustrator




pic curtesy of Mrs Mad Hatter


Wow I love the clouds in that picture in contrast to the green! Great picture!