The Currency what is it?

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I’m having trouble working out how the currency is put together in this game, since everything is worked out in units, nothing seems to make sense like even the speed is in units. So how do you work out how much gold is worth when everything is measured in the same units.


Yes, math in the NMS universe is terribly confusing as they never seem to have developed an equivalent to SI-norms.
Still easier than imperial units, though… :rofl:

In any case, units for distance and for money obviously aren’t the same. At least they measure time in seconds, otherwise speed would have to be written as units per unit, which might actually be worse than the imperial system. The base value of pretty much everything is noted when you hover your mouse over it in the inventory.
I’m not quite sure how that relates to the galactic average, since that seems to be a little higher than the base value. In any case, you can only sell stuff below the galactic average. Noone will pay above that price, with the exception of specialised trade goods that can’t be crafted.


Glad I am not a broker or a banker or something, this would likely drive me insane. :crazy_face: Thankfully I am just your everyday pauper…so I just buy and sell without much thought. At least there are no loan sharks in NMS…I would hate to have some Gek show up in the middle of the night with a couple of Vy’Keen ‘reminding’ me of how much I owed them. :scream:


Whatever those monetary units are , there is only one so the “real” value is not really relevant … as to the price of gold (or anything else), you can calculate it using the buy or sell price offered at a trade terminal corrected by the percentage given to get the “galactic average”.

As for the speed and altitude units, your guess is as good as mine but if you look at your starship instruments, there’s little relation between your altitude in units and your speed going down in units/sec … and we already know that the time unit in NMS is definitely longer that the second or minute we’re using in real life :slight_smile:

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Wait, it shows the altitude somewhere? I never realised that!

We do? Interesting! :smile:

The altitude will show on the dashboard of your starship when landing on a planet and as to the NMS minutes or seconds just look at the time given on the screen to arrive to a destination when in space and the actual time you’ll take to get there ; another reference is when you look at the counter when Sentinels are searching for you and your watch… the game seconds is about twice longer :slight_smile:


Well, that’s probably more down to inprecise calculation than to the unit being actually different.

I have a shitty feeling for time… I’ll pay some attention to it next time.

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