I love the effect except on planets like this one

Looks great in the distance but as tessellation kicks in on the ground closer to me, the effect is not so desirable.
At least I assume that is what is causing this.


Yup, seems like it’s the tessellation alright :slight_smile: it does make the hexagons very ugly. It’s been years since I watched a video on tessellation, actually it was probably the first nvidia tech talk where they introduced tessellation since I last learned about the technique but I remember it having something with taking traditional 2d bump maps and faking 3d geometry that was never physically modelled and its great for rendering detailed terrain in the distance.

Probably way wrong bout how it works, that’s probably a really misinformed explanation. But here’s a fun song about triangles, sorta.

I wonder if there’s any other weird artifacting from tessellation on other strange planets?

I believe xbonex and ps4pro support tessellation, I wonder how bad this looks on a console?

Hopefully this is something they’ve noticed and plan to fix once the big bugs are out of the way.


I really have no clue about the particular technology, but “tesselation” in 3-d editing used to refer to splitting up a triangle into smaller triangles. So possibly they take a normal-map, and instead of just using it as a shader input to fake a 3-dimensional appearance by making it cast a shadow, they actually use it to sub-divide the mesh…


So they fixed it with this

That may actually be more of a cover-up than a fix but, I can live with it.


Tesselation is now available on PC. Works with no issues on my laptop. Set it to Ultra and a very visible difference. FPS dropped only 5, 30 to 25. Got those 5 frames back setting to High. Sent a rare postive feedback on the zendesk.