Telamon Suit Orb Theory - Please Read and Reply

In the leaked images for cover art, one of the player models can be seen to have an orb-like apparatus on their exosuit. In the in-game lore, Telamon, one of the three AI’s, was forced by Atlas to acompany the player, and is attached to their exosuit. They are the voice that we hear at the start of the game. The obsever the player, and are apposed to the path of the Atlas, as Atlas hates Telamon. So… what if the orb we see on the suit is Telamon? Maybe they pop out of one of the sides when they say something. I’d like some input on this. I’m currently looking for Boundary Failures to read more of the lore about Telamon, but that’s just a theory, a Telamon theory. Thanks for reading.



I for so long have tried to find someone who agrees that the Voice doesn’t come from your suit, its actually The Atlas.

" Or to be even more specific and correct, Telamon, is the voice that directs you. The Atlas wanted you to think it was it, but instead it was Telamon. "

This is why the suit warns you when near death, when you;ve competed an objective,etc. The Atlas would not interfere with such circumstances, but Telamon, i. e. an entity outside of the Simulation, is watching the player’s every move.

Man i need to go back and reread all the lore from 1.3 and the new boundary failures.

I could be flat out wrong, but this is what i remember. Please someone school if this is all wrong.


Telamon isn’t outside the simulation, but within.
Its trapped as your suit but aware the whole time.


Yeah Telamon’s inside. It’s another AI. Atlas hates Telamon, but the creators forbid atlas to destroy it, so thus the Atlas has “punished” Telamon by forcing it to guide the player. Also, [-----] refers to Atlas. Telamon couldn’t say Atlas’s name until it was attached to the suit.


Additionally, I think that Telemon has something to do directly with the Anomaly. Since Nada and Polo ask you to gather data and your “suit” tells you whether or not you accomplished something.

If I remember correctly, The Atlas can’t see the anomaly.(someone correct me if i am wrong) so if that is the case, Telemon may have something to do with the anomoly. Also, the anomoly is a round ball just as that thing on the suit is a round ball. Could just be a cooncidence too.

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I think the shoulder-orb thing is just the Scanner. It will only appear if we have the Scanner built in our multitool, just like how the Scanner only appears on the ecocraft if you have it built in it. The binoculars from the box-art are likewise the Analysis Visor.


Well, Atlas can see Telamon. However, Atlas cannot see the Anomaly. So I’m not sure if the two are that related. Also, correct me if I’m wrong, but whenever you progress a milestone, it doesn’t say “milestone achieved”. That’s just the text, there’s not an audio for it.

Also, MacForADay. The scanner itself is a multitool upgrade, not an exosuit upgrade. If next moves scanning tech to the exosuit maybe, but as of now wouldn’t it be on the multitool? It could be the flashlight though, as right now the flashlight has 360 degree coverage around the player.

And on the exocraft, that’s a signal booster, the scanner starts off in the craft by default. If the shoulder item was a signal booster, wouldn’t it be the same design as the exocraft, the cylinder-esque radar dish design?

They’re unrelated AFAIK. Nada and Polo discovered the nature of the simulation by themselves. I’m not even sure if they know of Telamon’s existence.

Gonna read this tomorrow but --shouldn’t this be marked “Spoilers”?

It’s all optional lore. It’s just found from the Boundary Failures. Completely unrelated to the main story other than the concept that the Atlas is a computer, but still, that’s so early on in the story.

I think it’s a television link for coop play. If I am seeing your view in screen it makes sense for this to be as low res as possible so it isn’t expensive to process. Think of the squad video link in the film Aliens… This is what I think we will get.

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I was thinking that as well, but bit more expanded. I thought that the attachment would be customizable so it could function as an advanced scanner/camera (zoological holograms or better scan data), battlepod that gives you more firepower or targeting, or a sidekick that will give extra unprompted information whose voice and personality you can customize.

Telamon would work with the sidekick idea.

It would be nice if we could remotely patch into someobody else’s game play and just sit and watch someone discovering new landscapes and things or taking part in a mission. Assuming of course the player has given the requester permission or if a freighter perhaps is in the same system, then maybe players’ vitals and progress can be seen on the screens in the bridge deck. It would interesting to have a team captain direct a battle or task or something. They could keep track of everyone. Would be fun with VR tech :slight_smile:


It would be nice if we could remotely patch into someobody’s else’s game play and just sit and watch someone discovering new landscapes and things or taking part in a mission.

I think you’re onto something here. We could call it a “livestream” or even record it for others to watch again later and call it a “let’s play”. We would need a website with dedicated servers for streaming and storing the videos. If it catches on, there might eventually be multiple websites that would offer such a service.

Sorry, just having a bit of fun.


I believe this livestream thing already exists on PS4 and can be done with any game. I would watch my friends fight in a Godzilla game while I was on my PC attending to other matters.

With PS4, you can even remotely play any game that is inside another PS4 from someone elses house. Your essentially watching a livestream and controlling the game by sending your button presses over wifi.

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I thought maybe the orb is a camera tech you can install on your suit. It’s like a camera drone. It would enable photo mode, and maybe 3rd person view or over-the-shoulder view.

It would sort of justify in game how photo mode works, without breaking immersion.

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It would be nice if like @Skychild suggests that the game ‘immersion’ isn’t broken. I was thinking more that the screening of someone else’s adventure can be watched ‘in game’ like on a watch or some device that has to be crafted. Or a visit to a freighter or somewhere is needed to make initial contact.

Say if a friend in Survival Mode crashes onto a planet under attack, it would be fun to watch remotely to see if they can survive while you make your way to rescue them. It would be possible to perhaps guide them to safety while you or a team head towards them.

Or maybe passing a planet your ship radio picks up a distress call. You can hit a button to see what is happening, maybe being guided by the victim, as you fly down to them.

On Steam it is possible to watch live, someone playing the game but that is more of a passive viewpoint. But it would be fun to perhaps see the most recent adventure someone has recorded from a single site, mixing together short broadcasts from PC, PS4 or XBOX. Maybe any use of a ‘remote link’ always records the last 3 minute clip or something like you can do using Nvidia controllers. It would be marvellous if PC, PS4 and XBOX players could play together in a balanced way somehow. It would bring an even bigger ‘world’ to the game.

Maybe too, any video link can be destroyed or damaged to blind the opponents team during a mission. All sorts of possibilities.

I guess though we shall just have to wait and see what July24th brings before I add to the mounting hysteria of the NEXT update lol.


Isnt this similar to share play on the ps4?

though I gather you mean tune into someone else’s gameplay feed from within the game itself and watch from Yr freighters bridge or something.

Would be kinda cool actually if it worked like a TV Control Room, have Olympic style events, everyone can view it on a big screen and one person, the control room director, can switch out which participants feed is live on screen… This may just be my live TV studio past trying to claw its way into no mans sky, CUT TO VT!!!