Telamon Sequence #1 SPOILERS

A substantial quantity of new lore has been added to the Telamon sequence. I’ve compiled screenshots in the following posts.

I had hoped the new information would make the story clearer, but it doesn’t. Not really. It raises as many questions as it answers.

Some of this information has already appeared in people’s data mining posts - but I find it very hard to make sense of it in that format. To appreciate it, I have to see it as it appears on screen.

I will send this post in several sections. Even so, it will be very long. There’s an awful lot of it.

Here we go:


Telamon Sequence #2 SPOILERS


Telamon Sequence #3 SPOILERS


Telamon Sequence #4 SPOILERS


Telamon Sequence #5 SPOILERS


Telamon Sequence #6 SPOILERS


Nice and complete bit of work @Polyphemus !

It contains all of the Atlas Rises lore and then continues from your part #4, 3rd image, with the lore as added with Beyond.

Probably some of the most telling lore around, if you do not count your own overseer’s subtle hints. Love the Telamon perspective, intriguing …

For those interested to find this in the source files, look for NMS_LOC5 > UI_U4_TRAVELLER_LOG_EXTRA


Maybe it’s because I’m not an English native speaker, but I hardly understand anything of substance in these stories. Especially these sentences with gaps in them never add up to any meaning for me… Who is speaking to whom, who is “they”…? And then at work we have our own definitions of “sub-routine” and “protocol” so I get confused and don’t know how to reinterpret it…

If one of you wants to share their interpretation/ speculation, I’d be interested!


It’s not your English that’s causing the problem. Your English is better than that of many native English people.

Part of the problem is that the messages are deliberately cryptic. They only tell small parts of a larger story. They have been deliberately edited to be confusing and open to multiple interpretations.

Another problem is that people promoting transgender issues have adopted “they” as a gender neutral singular pronoun. In normal English, “they” is almost always plural. There are some circumstances where it can be singular, but those instances are usually clear from the context. The writers of NMS have used “they” instead of “he”, “she”, and “it” - and it’s horribly confusing.

Personally, I think if people want a gender-neutral pronoun, they should invent a new one, like the feminists did with “ms”, and not confuse everybody with ungrammatical uses of “they”.

But I am straying into potentially explosive politics now.

By all means discuss your interpretations, though.


The stories are also harder to understand because they haven’t been very consistent with (and have overloaded) their typographic clues. For example the ‘[ ]’ marks can be redacted information ( [------] ), Instance selection ( Traveler [HOST] ), and as miscellaneous notes ( [Cautionary] ). Being that this log is from a computer’s point of view the ‘Type [ instance ]’ form is natural but occasionally they will switch to a human form of speech such as “… individuals ‘Hirk’ and ‘Nal’ … .” or leave out the clue " Planetary Structure ‘Korvax Prime’ " instead of " ‘Planetary Structure’ [KORVAX PRIME] “. Finally one odd ball hybrid " ‘Gek’ (subclass: FIRST SPAWN).”

There is one place in the story where (to me) it seems that we move point of view from Telamon to some unidentified third person point of view. I guess I need a third reading to get that straight in my head.

I think I understand where they are going with this story. We have the point of view from within the simulation (Gek et. al. ), the story somewhere between the simulation/Atlas and our world (Remembrance). And this one giving a voice to the simulation itself. However [ ‘Opinion’ [MINE] ]while the lore based stories can be a bit loose with point of view (passed down through the ages, many points of view), This one seems to be a log from a single ‘individual’ and warrants a tighter control on POV and presentation.


Is it, though? Remembrance certainly seems to represent the last meeting of Atlas and its creator - but was that our world?


Rats. Do you realise what you’ve done?

I’m going to have to do the Atlas Path again now. :weary:


Ohhh, I understand that. I have restarted this game 8 times (10 if you count Expeditions as a restart.) In the last two I was just trying to complete the survival and perma-death trophies and went past Atlas and Artemis as fast as it would let me. But it is the overseer quests that slow me down the most.


That bit towards the end with the terminal and the gate, sounds like the traveller attempted to use a special atlas terminal to open a gate that takes them out of the simulation…


Agreed…and they used an arc at one point. This follows the Artemis story. We used the arc to place them into the simulation on the Anomaly.

And earlier in the lore, I gather Telemon was once a Traveller? Then placed into what? This same simulation? Which allows them to only view what other Travellers see via the little lens that is attached to our backpacks? Is that the world of glass? The glass eye sitting on our shoulders?


No, as I understand it, they were a monitoring routine of the Atlas itself. Important enough so the atlas could not just delete it when they became inconvenient, so to get rid of Telamon the Atlas instead bound them to a travellers exo-suit. Tellamon could still technically fulfill its function there (monitoring the Atlas), but at a much reduced capacity so they were no threat to Atlas’ madness anymore.

That is, until the traveller became aware of Tellamon and much more powerful than the Atlas expected them to…

Also, according to this lore, multiplayer is clearly a bug in the simulation! Can we try to fix that? :rofl:


I agree, however, I wonder if ‘they’ is used in this instance because the gender of Telemon is unknown. For instance, my phone rings. The info in my phone reads Unknown Caller. My thought is, I wonder what they want? They being used because the gender of the caller is unknown.


Patient Intervention Thread - #231187661T :wink:


Some do: Orion's Arm - Encyclopedia Galactica - Pronouns, Anglish


That is an interpretation that I agree with. :slight_smile:
In real life, multiplayer wasn’t finished yet at release time. Later they added these glowing „glitches“ as multiplayer test objects (which only show the other players’ positions but they didn’t need avatars). Then they added third-person avatars (and these translucent traveller NPCs) a while later. And finally real multiplayer with gestures and anomaly gifting. :wink:
And in game, the story followed these developments by claiming that the walls between the simulated realities were slowly eroding. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: