Summary of Nada Lore


From the Nada/Polo Lore:

The point of this is to save you from having to read through the lore yourself. Think of it as a kind of Cliff’s Notes. I have broken it into sections. Some of the information overlaps because it is relevant to more than one section.

If I can find time, I will do this for the other lore as well, but honestly, I think this is the only one that is important at this point.

Nada Summary:


1. Korvax enjoy a hive mind. It is called the Convergence.
2. Nada has disconnected from said hive mind.
3. Nada believes the universe is a simulation, but he is frustrated he can't break free from it.
4. Nada admires you the traveler because you have the freedom to enter and exit the simulation as you see fit. 
5. Nada's goal in life is to help the Korvax realize they are part of the simulation.
6. Nada eventually comes to "understand" the simulation. He rejoins the Korvax Convergence.


1. The goal of reaching the center of the galaxy is explicitly laid down in the dialog.
2. The traveler has three choices. Follow Atlas, Reach the Center, Explore Freely.
3. Nada equates Atlas with control, The Center with Finding Meaning, and Exploration as the joy of the journey.
4. Nada eventually warns us to "beware the red orb", which is presumably Atlas. It is hard to say what this actually means, but I put it in this section because one of our objectives is to follow the Atlas path.


1. Nada believes the universe is a simulation.
2. He is not sure if the Atlas is the creator or a relic left by the creator.
3. Nada's purpose in life is to solve the riddle of the simulation.
4. Nada suggests it is possible to find errors in the simulation in order to exploit them to solve the riddle.
5. Nada explicitly points to the "Galaxy shape / size/ distribution", as well as to "singularities" (black holes) as keys to unlocking the riddle. He at one point believes the way the galaxy is laid out is itself a message from the creator of the simulation.
6. Nada believes the center of the galaxy is a key to unlocking the solution to this riddle.
7. Nada also suggests that the only way to solve the riddle, is by combining information from within the game world and from without. In other words, we as the players are going to have to work together outside the game as well as finding clues within the game, to solve the simulation riddle.


1. The distance "error" we as players have all known about, which shows the distance between stars as incorrect, and still is not fixed after two updates, and which shows the distance traveled when going through black holes incorrectly, and which causes the strange behavior when venturing into the center of the galaxy… all of this is a gigantic puzzle, probably related to Waking Titan.
2. The voice on tape 9/16 is either trying to warn us about this riddle, or is trying to purposefully divert our attention from it. It wants us to abandon it.

Raw Notes:

1. Korvax enjoy a hive mind.
2. Nada is divergent, meaning he disconnected from the hive mind.
3. The goal to reach the center of the galaxy is explicitly set forth here.
4. The universe is "someone else's experiment", a simulation.
5. Nada places three objectives before the traveler: Atlas, The Center, Free Exploration. He equates Atlas with control, the center with finding meaning, the third option is just to enjoy the journey of exploration.
6. Nada's purpose in life is to help the Korvax solve the riddle of reality. Presumably, he wants to help them realize they are part of a simulation.
7. Inconclusive. Nada says "Traveler data, conclusion irresistible. Galaxy shape / size / distribution error. Explore more!" Is Nada saying the simulation is in a state of error; that the galaxy's distances, star distribution, and cubic shape are all a known error? Is he saying the way to resolve the issue is to explore more? Or is he simply saying our data is incomplete? I prefer the former.
8. Nada suggests it is possible to find errors in the simulation and exploit them to find the truth behind the simulation.
9. Nada warns us to stay away from the red orb, assumedly, Atlas.
10. Nada at one point doesn't trust himself or the traveler for understandable reason. He wonders if he is an error.
11. Nada believes the black holes are a message from the creator of the simulation, either that or that he was lazy.  (in other words, Nada keeps pointing us to the distance error as a puzzle to be solved)
12. Polo is happy because Polo loves data. But Nada is sad because he can't break free from his own simulation. But the traveler can. Nada says this: "Nada, tied to Shell, to this galaxy. Frustration / sadness. You, not tied. Key - explore, escape, report back." Which I take to mean Nada is pointing us as players to look for solutions in the real world.
13. Nada finally understands the simulation. He no longer sees stars, but code and patterns. He points our attention to the center of the galaxy. Inconclusive. This is what he says: "All must end. Time must end. Data must survive. At start - centre of galaxy. Calm heart of storm." So is he simply telling us about the loop we experience when we reach the center, or is he giving us a clue which helps unlock the puzzle? I favor the latter.



I cannot applaud this enough. @MrUnnoticed

We’ve been chewing on this for months now. I can only echo your exact thoughts.

I can add: At one point, we see the effects of the convergence trying to reclaim Nada. Another, we see a stillness and a red flash. As a previously compliant cog in the simulation, I wonder how far Nada could hope to run from Atlas…


This is well done. I love the structure. Very well done.

In regards to solving this in and out of the simulation. The incorrect distances are because of the “factor 4”. Credit to ibolt and Pahefu for there outstanding work on the subject.

The BH being a key variable in the equation of escape is more relevant now than ever. I’ve discovered in the past week a new BH, one of the many glitches in the simulation. Further studies are being worked on. Replicating my discovery on a new game save, gives evidence that no hoops need to be jumped through in order to access. :sweat_smile:Except for the White hoop.