(Speculation) The Howard Stern Show

Decided to create a separate topic for some speculation about the Howard 100/101 radio show on Sirius XM. It came somewhat unexpected to be expected to listen to a radio station not shown on the project-wt website this coming Saturday, July 8th, 2017. I am curious as to why this may be and why specifically Howard Stern.

Some links:

I found some interesting info that may relate to the theme of this ARG. First of all the change to a ‘Satellite Radio’ station (DAB), which is different from the terrestrial radio stations (FM/AM/Internet) we have been listening to so far.

Then I started looking into possible Sci-Fi connections with Howard Stern and found some interesting results. Howard Stern had an uncredited role in Men in Black 3, where he appears as one of the detainees in the 1969 MIB headquarters. He can be spotted at the bottom right, just after Agent J (Will Smith) wakes from travelling back in time to 1969.

Official Trailer link with timestamp:


Next I found a link to Star Trek as well. This time not Howard Stern himself, but George Takei, aka Lt. Hikaru Sulu, who became an announcer for the Howard Stern Show back in 2009. I am not familiar with the show, but apparently he still regularly joins the show.

This really makes me curious what we are about to hear this coming Saturday. I doubt this is all a coincidence and sure fits the whole theme. We will most likely just get another commercial, but I find all this pretty interesting.

Please feel free to share your thoughts, add additional info, possible references or otherwise join the discussion. I am sure there was a good reason to pick the Howard Stern Show.