Spawned building for Scientist mission

I just hired my scientist and started on the first missions. I was pointed towards a building to progress. First of all, this building was not there before the missions. I know my near surroundings pretty well. So when I headed over in the direction pointed at, flying my ship, it spawned the building needed. Apparently this is a two part structural spawn. It attempted to spawn both at the bottom location, to then notice the second part be moved up instead due to floating terrain there. So that building ended up floating halfway over the edge. Procedural generation works in mysterious ways when it comes to spawning objects on the surface.

Obviously this should not happen in the first place. However, I can imagine it causing even more trouble to spawn structures in a different stage, when supposedly all procedural generation should have already occurred. There was never a structure there before, it was specifically spawned just to allow me to fulfil a quest for the Scientist, instead of finding an existing structure.


Now looking for a very hilly planet to start a base, for this exact reason. :wink:

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I believe it decided to spawn nearby to limit the distance, considering my home planet is half water.

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