Space Battles

I watched the video but wasn’t too convinced about the obvious video game play. Though the follow and aim tool seemed to make sense to keep things in sight when flying about. I’m pretty sure there is some of that going on in NMS but maybe to a lesser extent. NMS also seems to have a more open cockpit and hence visual real estate. But that can differ between space ships I guess.

I remember when NMS was first released the laser beams seemed more satisfyingly ‘sticky’ when they made contact with the targets. That little feature doesn’t occur so much today unless you have upgraded all the laser beam tech. Even then it doesn’t seem so ‘sticky.’

As for the Rebel game, I have never played it but it to me at least it seemed more arcade like. Though I thought the Pool mini-game was a bit much (funny)but distracting. I did think that there was an attempt to make space a bit more ‘real’ and immersive with more human things to do and react to. That kind of thing really ought to be part of the mission immersion, so you want to do the missions and not plod through disconnected mini-games.

I liked the pilot spilling the drink in the cockpit. Although the animation was a bit clunky and not interactive, it makes space a little more believable. NMS needs a cockpit bobble-head and a radio dial! Despite NMS story flaws it is beginning to weave a more seamless story NPC interaction into the game without too many text container pop ups. If they continue with that they may get it right and the story really could be memorable. The only story driven space game I have ever played that was kind of fun and absorbing was the original Star Wars Galaxies MMO. Their mission system characters and buying and selling and visiting planets was fun at the time. But that may be due to the familiar story telling of the movie franchise being a great start for a game.

I watched the thing to the end mainly because the Youtuber had interesting vocals and was quite humorous. NMS is still way out in front though in creating an endless universe with much of what Rebel seems to offer and visually more polished and well thought out. What I did like, and you’re right the ability to add our own decals (we don’t need full paint jobs) but just that alone, would make owning our found ships more collectible.

I was amazed the game gave you the tools to get a 3d printed ship sent to your home with your own designs printed on them. Now that would be something really cool for NMS but perhaps could simply be a MOD addition.

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It’s good old-fashioned space-sim combat inspired by wing commander. probably somewhat more complex than NMS, but usually that kind of flight model can’t carry a game for me. Which in NMS it doesn’t need to.

It’s a feature that harkens back to the inspiring wing commander: privateer, where cockpit layout and visibility was very much a perk of the ship. Like, the Orion was a really good heavy fighter for a very low price, as long as you could handle not being able to see shit out of the cockpit. I found that to be very immersive back in the days, but your milleage is probably going to vary…

Story driven? We must have been playing very different versions of that game! :smile: And yes, I did play the first edition, even before jump to lightspeed came out. Gave up on it after a vending machine ate hard-earned 5000 credits without giving me my land speeder in return. Didn’t really want to pay a subscription for that kind of stuff…

That’s not at all the goal of outlaws, so yeah, of course NMS beats it in that regard…