So, I do art and stuff - general artistic / creative chat

There is always some rich person who collects specific things. I wonder what you would get for it on an auction?

Sheralmyst: Neoarcheologist! :heart:

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Sitting watching my bird feeder and have seen all of these in just a few minutes


An axe?


First thanks for sharing the pics of your local wildlife. I’m jealous! lol

I had a good laugh about the banana. I actually thought the student should have been paid twice the amount the original “artist” got for his own rendition of the the piece. All it needed was a fancy name to make it even more a-peeling. ;`D

Is that stone from your yard?


The stone is another artifact. Likely a small axe head. It is broken across the bottom. We are having deluges of rain. Each round washes more things up.


And @TravelEcho , why didn’t we think of this?


I know why I didn’t: I just like to mess with squishy buttery paint! :grin:

Though I have to admit I am struggling right now trying to capture more light effects in my landscapes. I’ve gone back to making small studies, 5x7" acrylic on watercolour paper, to that end. Strangely I have also gone back to work on an abstract that I put aside over a year ago that is, iirc, 4x6 feet. It is propped up on the bookcase in the bedroom, next to the finished one in that series. lol So far no paint spilled, and Mal hasn’t mentioned that he’s noticed the changes I’ve been making to that painting. ;`) My whole house is my studio.

I’m longing to go back to oils, but I don’t have the stamina to both paint and clean up with the oils.

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My brother is making jewelry with paint pour skins and epoxy


I’m impressed! Those are quite beautiful. :heart:

Is he creating the skins a well?


Yes he creates the skins. On a piece of plexiglass, I think.


Trying to get back into paint mode. The green stuff is quickly taking over my private dig site :laughing: and it is getting so very hot.
How is everyone else?


I’ve been occupied with blood tests and CT scans this week, so not much actual painting done. I find out the results on the twelfth. I will certainly be feeling distracted until then.

I did, however manage to start a swatch chart that shows the saturation of pigments right out of the tube. So far, ultramarine and phthalo blue green shade, Cad red medium, quinacridone magenta, Cad yellow medium, and cad yellow light. Those tend to be my regular go-to palette, though I often change out the blues or add earth pigments like ochres, etc. So I thought I would start with them.

Thanks for asking! Looking forward to seeing more of your paintings and other creative work. Glad you are finally starting to feel a little better. <3


I’ve been in a creative slump.
More than that, I’ve got a terrible case of ‘demotivated syndrome’. Just can’t get enthusiastic about anything.
A few weeks back, I did some yardwork, revamping an old orchard behind my house into a ‘foresty’ area with many new forest species. My wife & I also made a decent 15-minute long walking track extension through a denser valley area on our property, which we have added to our daily walk-zone. Dogs love it because it includes water to play in.
After that, though, I went flop & lost my get-up-&-go.
I have a (salvaged) motorcycle project thats been sitting dormant for ages with all its new parts just sitting there …but nope… can’t even get motivated to get into that, which is pretty weird since bikes are my main hobby.
At least I’m getting the normal chores done, just not doing any creative stuff at the moment.


This has been me for the last 3 years. Music projects just sitting dormant, whatever it was about the lockdown it just made me the opposite of creative, which is a shame cos during the recession I was in self imposed lockdown and was making things every day. I usually work my best in solitude so it was a big shock.

I’ve started getting creative again recently albeit in small bursts, which would explain my reappearance here I guess :slight_smile: Had a weird thing happen to me just before the lockdown that kind of put me off being social online, then after the lockdown I lost a few people near and dear to me over the space of a year so it’s with good reason I guess that I havent been able to create or motivate myself.

I try be easy on myself and say its an important gestation period and I’m just storing up my inspiration. But thats a hrd thing to convince yourself of when you’re demotivated.

Going in for some of the same myself on Thursday. Just a general health checkup, lost some family members suddenly, still unsure of cause of death as waiting for postmortems (can take up to a year here, even longer if sudden death at home) so I just want to make sure theres nothing hereditary there my family never spoke of ’ ^ _ ^

I had a cancer scare when I was 20 and got it quick and early but as a result I’ve been avoiding health check ups since out of fear ’ ^ _ ^ Yes, I realise how stupid that is.

Hope your results find you well on the 12th <3

Wow I came here with nothing but grim news, so how about I tell you guys I’m writing a song for my Neice (born 3 months premature), a little Lullaby.

Part of the issue I was having with creativeness was, by the time i turn on my pc, set up my DAW, plug in my Midi controllers, get my mics positioned and levels right, any inspiration or flow I had is immediately axed, and I live in a small place so keeping it all set up to avoid this isn’t possible.

Fast Forward to 2 months ago, a friend of mine lent me their OP-1, it’s like a mini portable DAW/4 TRACK with a bunch of hard synths digital synths and drum machines built in to it. It’s likea little notebook for song ideas and has INSANE battery power, I think I’ve charged it once.

Being able to sit out in the sun with head phones on and hammer out rhythms and melodies is so freeing. I’ve nothing to show yet but I want to get my dad to siung the lyrics, so when it’s done I’ll absolutely share it with you guys <3

Here’s what an OP-1 is like (they cost 2000 euro @ _ @ )


Ummm…I need one…


I know right? I’m dreading the day they ask for it back. I might just pretend I’ve moved planet and not answer the door :eyes: :wave: :rocket: :ringer_planet:


You have my sympathy!

It does sound like you have been quite creative though not perhaps in the way you want. The motorcycle isn’t going anywhere without you --I hope. :grin: And motorcycles are very patient.

I have been struggling with my eyesight. No longer being able to see what brushstroke I have laid on the canvas. The only way to see is to take a photo with my phone and look at it. I don’t feel able to do anything about the corneal dystrophy until this cancer thing is more resolved However!

James and I went through his old glasses and we found a pair that work well enough for me to continue painting. The new glasses are a helpful stopgap. I can actually see the edges of some things! I can see my keyboard again, too. Tomorrow I will resume painting the two landscape studies that have been sitting on the easel since I realised I can just no longer see what I am painting. Because now I can.

Time heals all wounds they say. And having congenial friends and mates/spouses can help us get through.

Thank you! And yes it is cancer. Uterine. I’m happy to hear your bout with cancer turned out well. I know that fear. For me it is a huge phobia. Never go for checkups until its years too late. O.o And now I’m making up for it. lol

I’m sorry for your loss of so many you care about. It takes a long time, even up to decades, to completely get through the grief and anger as well as the survivor syndrome that goes along with it, I know when we want to work on our creative stuff it is pretty frustrating to have no oomph for it. But it sounds like your new little machine (I want one too! :slightly_smiling_face:) is helping somewhat. One foot in front of the other and being as kind to ourselves as possible is sometimes the best we can do.

And I know what you mean about being able to leave your creative tools set up ready to go! I ended up after decades of working on my lap or a kitchen table, finally having a whole small room that I call my Studio! There is a point where we just need to have that dedicated space, and I fervently wish it for you. :heart:

Oh I love that idea! So sweet! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Good luck to all of us! May the planets soon realign! :wink:


Dammit I missed this place so much <3 Out of hearts for the day but you’re owed billions!!